[H] <Descent> LF Core Spots (6/6MV 2/6HOF)

Realm: Tichondrius
Faction: Horde
Raid Times: T/W 6-9 Server Time

Who Are We:
<Descent> is a brand new guild made up of a group of friends who were
late to the party and struggled to find a guild with the same mindset and attitude towards
casual progression raiding. All of us have raided hardcore in the past, but now we
have jobs, school, or other real life commitments that require us to limit our play time.
Therefore, when we dedicate our time to raid we expect that everyone respects that and
shows up on time prepared to down bosses.

What We Offer:
A raid group that enjoys having fun while also working hard at getting as much done in the short amount of time we raid each week. The guild will also provide all flasks, food, potions, and repair for our raiders. As of 12/13/12 we are now 6/6MV10 and 2/6HOF10.

What We Expect:
We don’t care what achievements you have or what you raided in the past. What we care
about is what you can do for us today and into the future. Therefore, as long as you have
465+ ilvl and are willing to meet the requirements below we will gladly welcome you to
our group:
    • 95%+ attendance with maximum notification ahead of time if you will be absent (At
    least 24 hours)
    • Be in the instance 10 min. before raid time, we will be starting and stopping on time
    • Be a quick learner and be educated on the fights prior to arriving in the instance.
    There will be no teaching of boss mechanics during the raid (unless specific
    questions), we will only be talking about general raid strategies
    • Excellent raid awareness, there is very little tolerance for dropping flames in the raid...
    • Fully understand your class (How to gear it and how to play it)
    • You will run back after every wipe and be ready for the next attempt ASAP
    • You must have ventrilo and a mic

Spots Needed:
1 Healer
1 Main Tank (Need to be vocal and have vent/mic)
3 Reliable DPS (Aka you need to show up to raid times!)

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please contact me in game.
Still need 2 ranged dps to round out our group.
Still looking for them ranged deeps!
Need more pewpewlazers!
Deeps deeps!
is this a 10 or 25man guild?
Damage Dealers Wanted!
Need the deeps, would even consider melee at this point.
Need any dps, all classes feel free to give us a shout.
still looking for a few dps.
Updated post with progression and new needs.
Bump of awesomeness!
Bump, need a dedicated Tank
Hello, are you still looking for dps? I have a mage that I am looking to start raids with, I would be able to make all raid times, and have ample raid experience, I used to lead my own heroic progression guild in cata, and currently i am raiding on my monk in MoP. I am looking to getting back to raiding on my mage full time as monk is not as much fun as i thought it would be.

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