[H] Retribution LF 10m

Recently transferred and looking for a 10 man.

Raided 3-4 nights weekly in Wrath with heroic complete while relevant. Could not commit to a schedule in Cata, hence armory. Excellent attendance. Tendency to not stand in fire. I know how to read and where to. Mechanics are my friend. Damage is solid though, I don't know how any Ret couldn't be currently. Quite competent, but I am human and poop happens. rarely.

I would prefer joining a like minded group. I can raid evenings and weekends. Please send tell in game and I will be happy to answer any other questions you may have.
Are you still looking for a guild? We are currently looking for a Ret pally to complete our raid team. We raid 9pm-12am Mondays and Fridays and are 4/6 is MSV. Send Makaiyla or myself an in game mail or whisper.
Hi Krae,

The Chosen is currently seeking a ret paladin for our 10m team. We have 2 dps spots to fill and would like one of those to be a melee class. We are 2/6 in MV. We raid Sun, Mon, Wed from 8:30p-11p est. I'd like to talk with you and get a better feel for what you are looking for as well as see if we fit with you. We use teamspeak for raids and would give us a place to chat. I'll look for you in game. I'm often around so you can send a tell or mail in game.

Thanks for your time.

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