10m EST 7-11:30PM 2/6H MV - 4/6N HoF LFM

Guild Recruitment
http://sideproject.enjin.com EST Server Horde.

2 - 10man Progression Groups!
Officers raid in both.
Willing to take a player that wants to raid with 2 toons!
Tues/Wed and Thurs/Mon groups!

ADD RLID Bluefog03#1752 to speak to me directly.

****LF 1 MT for Tues/Wed 7-11:30pm****
- Pally/Brewmaster - others will be considered.

****LF 1 exceptional all around player w/ multiple toons willing to fill in one if not both groups weekly.
- Warlock/Hunter/Rogue - others will be considered.

Group A - Tues/Wed 7-11:30pm - Group 1 - Thurs/Mon 7-11:30pm

2/6H MV - 4/6HoF - Experience in these raids is a plus!

Apply @ http://sideproject.enjin.com or find any officer in game.


Looking to fill spot ASAP


Side Project was formed with a couple fundamental things in mind. Take great people from all over the Eonar, of which has been around for a very long time and get them together under one roof. Many of the core raiders have mains in different guilds and are looking for a more formal raid atmosphere with their alt, and some of our core raiders have Side Project as their main Raiding guild. We are defined as a casual/progressive guild which is focusing on 10man content.

What exactly are we, and what the heck is a "casual/progression" guild?

A Casual/Progression guild will consist of players who:

Dedicate at least 2 nights of raiding to a guild a week.
Show up prepared with the correct mats, and strategies read.
Carry their own weight - in every respect of the term possible.
Are patient, mature, and generally relaxed.

What IS casual?

From my various experiences and chats with other guilds, casual to THEM means:

Not reading up on strategy before hand
Not listening to the raid leader
Not paying attention or having any kind of situational awareness

This is what casual means to us.

Not spending more than 4 hours a night raiding
Not spending more than 2 days raiding
Not being stupid while having fun

With these things in mind, we are going to focus on a relaxed, yet goal oriented raid, which values good play and maturity above all. Raids will be very well thought out, and players will be expected to hold their own. Our raid leaders will focus on positives and strengths of each raider, and identify weaknesses for them to work on. Hot headed, immature players need not apply.

Currently we run two 10-man groups. Group A runs Tuesday and Wednesday from 7:00 to 11:30 PM, EST. Group 1 runs Thursday and Monday from 7:00 to 11:30 PM, EST. At present we are looking for 1-2 exceptional players. It's a big plus if you are proficient in a second toon and can participate in both groups, but it's not required. If interested, please read our guild policies and apply at sideproject.enjin.com

-Side Project Staff
check us out!

http://www.youtube.com/user/coopthefat1?feature=plcp - Kill videos!
http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/eonar/Side+Project - wowprogress!

Bump still looking for consistent raiders!!
Bump looking for solid players still healer/rogue/warlock/enhance shaman feel free to apply!

Still looking.
Still looking
Looking. need 1-2 more quality players.

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