Suggest Add Ons (PvP)

I'm a primitive classic rogue. Only addons at all if any are: dmb which I'm not sure but when I get stunned it now shows me a debuff timer and when I am cc'd it shows time left.

Other than that, I gank with luck at my side and hope blizz's UI doesnt require a /reload as I finger mash.
Most of these aren't really PvP exclusive, but here ya go:
Bartender, Sexy Map, Tidy Plates, Chatter, Gladius, Lose Control(multitudes better than the !@#$ty bliz cc tracker)

Then you can have a sexy ui like this:

And yes, I still feel awful for abandoning my Female Dwarf rogue

That's 90%+ of my pvp needs in 5 mods.

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