Looking For Late Night Guild, 10pm-whenever

Hello Brich here,

I'm a 484 Ilvl SMF Fury Warrior. Previously was in top 10 guild Autopsy but had to leave due to change in raid times and my availability through my real life. Then joined Retribution for a bit, got some experience but not a good fit for me. Currently in Stryfe, but they have added a third raid night on Thursday which I'm not available on due to late night classes as of now. My availability as of now is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, preferably raiding from 10pm-to whenever, EST time. So now I'm in need of a new guild with these times or relatively close to these times. I've got plenty of raid experience, 8/8H DS, and so on, I've been raiding since the beginning of WoTLK and became a casual/hardcore raider at the end of Firelands and beginning of Dragon Soul. I'm a laid back player with a serious mentality/attitude when it comes to raiding, 20 years old, would love to find a guild that raids around the times mentioned above and is also a casual hardcore raiding guild, I'm looking to getting back into heroic raid progression as I have been out of it since MoP started due to real life schedule. Am willing to transfer as well, preferably Horde. If you need anything else or would like to contact me via real id, just add bcsr1533@gmail.com. Please feel free to ask me any other questions. I look forward to speaking with anyone who wishes.


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