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Having trouble overriding my existing bind setup to make use of numerals 1 thru 4 for the Mutated Construct on Amber-Shaper. I'm wanting to add like a [possessbar] macro to existing macro's I have bound to those locations, that will effectively inherit the possession bar switch over.

I simply cannot give up those key locations to give back to the default bindings. Any help would be much appreciated.
Try this for your override action bar's visibility conditions:[overridebar][vehicleui][possessbar,@vehicle,exists] show; hide

If you want more specific help, you'll need to tell us which action bar AddOn (if any) you're using.

Edit: I just read your other thread. Try this format instead:/click [overridebar][vehicleui][possessbar,@vehicle,exists]OverrideActionBarButton1
/stopmacro [overridebar][vehicleui][possessbar,@vehicle,exists]
/use [someconditions]Some Class Spell
I'm using default action bars. I use tinymain bar info to augment the default mainbar, and use BindPad for all my binds and macros.

The vehicle and possession bars show up just fine, its that I can't combine existing bindpad macros with the only way I know to get the possession bar to work with numerals 1 thru 4, and that is to go into the bliz default keybind panel and assign numbers 1 thru 4 back onto the 'Action Button 1' thru to 'Action Button 4'. Also, even if I do that and spec switch, those default resets get removed due to pre-existing modifications brought on by BindPad, I'd imagine.
BTW, could you construct that macro to fit a working macro of your choosing for me?

/click [overridebar][vehicleui][possessbar,@vehicle,exists]OverrideActionBarButton1/stopmacro [overridebar][vehicleui][possessbar,@vehicle,exists]
/use [someconditions]Some Class Spell

Are you sure it's '/use' and not '/cast'

I wasn't so certain that it wasn't meant to be used for the actual named ability on the possession bar.
11/26/2012 12:06 AMPosted by Loxlove
Are you sure it's '/use' and not '/cast'

/use and /cast are aliases of the same command. The only difference between them is that /use is one character shorter.

Let's say you have this macro bound to your 1 key:/use [mod:alt]Pyroblast;Fireball
/use 13

The new macro would look like this:/click [overridebar][vehicleui][possessbar,@vehicle,exists]OverrideActionBarButton1
/stopmacro [overridebar][vehicleui][possessbar,@vehicle,exists]
/use [mod:alt]Pyroblast;Fireball
/use 13

For button 2, change OverrideActionBarButton1 to OverrideActionBarButton2 and so on (there are 6 override action buttons in total).
Would this work for pulling weeds on the farm? I was hoping it would be an easy way to make sure it works.

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