Is there anyway I can level tailoring without having to go to Pandaria? I'm trying to get my professions leveled up, but my character is only level 85. I don't want to level up this alt just to level up my profession since leveling is such a pain. I'm stuck at 582!
Buy mats from the AH?


Oh..... nm, I forgot at that lvl you need to get the recipes from the Vale.
You should be able to level it without having to go to Pandaria... Take my scribe here, he is maxed leveled in both Inscription and Engineer, yet I am still in the Cata Zones.

Only problem I see is one I am currently facing : is that to craft the higher recipes after you have learned them, you will need some Spirits of Harmony and, for that, you can only get them by gathering motes in Pandaria.

Also, and for this I am uncertain, but I believe that some of your recipes are also only available in Pandaria and not from the trainer.
My tailor hit 600 at 85 without getting the Vale recipes though it did require going to Pandaria; After doing the introductory quests, I just ran her to Halfhill on the roads, made everything I could from trainer recipes and then made Imperial Silk cooldown every day at the nearby Silken Fields (plus 5 points from the Darkmoon Faire). Once she gets to the recipes, she'll have a stockpile of at least 3 stacks of Imperial Silk to use.
I got to 600 in all trades the first week of Pandaria.

In 3 professions (Leatherworking, Blacksmithing and Engineering) I farmed 10 Motes at 85 and bought one Vale recipe to finish up 575 to 600. In all the others I didn't use Motes/Spirits. My tailor is just 82 and did it without going to Pandaria. Here's the Tailoring recipes:


In this list there are recipes as low as 545 that don't turn gray until 600. I must have used one or more of those to get to 595, and then used Darkmoon Faire for the 5 points to hit 600. Since I'm 600 now they are all grey so I don't know which one it was.
My wife capped her Tailoring at 85. You DO have to go to Pandaria for the Motes of Harmony, but what we did was just take her to a high monster population area, I burst through them rapidly, she looted. We got the Spirit of Harmony in about thirty minutes. I squired her on my two-seater mount to the Vale where she bought the last recipe, and used our existing Windwool to skillcap.

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