Mining + Alchemy?

Good or bad idea?
If you want to be the king of trillium bars on your server, it's spetacular
Starting out it will be difficult as most recipes early on need herbs to make for skill ups. Later on when you have transmutations you need some ores and jewels so it would help you then. I thinking with mining you can prospect so you could probably help out jewelcrafters with the jewel transmutes.
^ Jewelcrafters have prospecting.

End-game alchemy transmutes don't require mined ore/bars except Living Steel, which is on a 24 hour cool down, unless you plan on making Riddle of Steel with Spirits of Harmony. With that being said, that's the only way you'll really be able to help your Alchemy, with trillium bars.
I think it's a fine idea myself. People say you should have a gathering profession to match your crafting profession, but that's not really true. If you can make a profit by buying the raw materials on the auction house and crafting with them, then you might as well have only the crafting profession, and not bother gathering your own stuff. And if you can't make a profit that way, then you shouldn't be crafting that stuff at all because you're just losing money. There you might as well just have the gathering profession.

The exception is when you're leveling, because there you're trying to get skill-ups. So you may want stuff you can't make into anything profitable, and gathering it yourself may be more affordable than getting it on the auction house.

So I think the best thing to do is level up herbalism and alchemy together, then when alchemy gets to the level cap, drop herbalism and replace it with mining. (Of course, it looks like you've already got both at 600, so you're fine. But this advice might help someone who stumbles across this thread.)
I don't think mining needs to go with alchemy. You're wasting a profession you could be getting a perk from for your main.

I am alchemy/JC and it works out well. I can transmute all the primal diamonds or other gems I need for my JC without logging in and out and sending mats to an alt to transmute for my JC.

With mining. you need a mining/herb alt. That way you go out, get all the ore and herbs you need for your other professions and just mail them to the characters who need them. Many prefer a druid for this, I prefer a lock.
Gathering professions are a waste of time. If you want to make gold from wasting time, fish pools. All you need is 1 fishing skill and a pole. You will make more money than you would from mining, herbalism or skinning.

If you want a good profession for your character stats, choose a crafting profession. E.G. Inscription costs barely anything to level and has a daily cooldown that takes 3 seconds and is worth around 800 gold.

Mat costs for crafted items are so low that gathering said items is a complete waste of time. OTOH, mat costs for food buffs are completely ridiculous in comparison. Fishing or simply grinding turtles for turtle steak is better gold per hour than any gathering prof.
It's an odd combination, but if that's where your skills ended up so be it.

Many of my crafter combos aren't the best but since I've been making them since vanilla, and much has changed in that is what it is.

A mining/LWer makes little sense :p
11/27/2012 12:27 PMPosted by Consortium
A mining/LWer makes little sense :p

Not always. It could be a good combination for a leather class on a low-population server. Since you'll be likely to play alone, you'll want to be able to make your own epic gear without having to find raid groups. And crafted materials may not have much of a market on small servers, but everyone needs raw materials.

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