Trainer fights for Cloud serpent

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It was disgusting to see that when you loose a trainer fight while getting rep for a cloud serpent that you put us on a hill top and no way to fly across.

the trainer fights are ridiculous to begin with, a druid with no cool downs and no restraints and a monk with out any either. I enjoy a challenge but I have watched players die until they go away. This is really the worst thing Blizzard has ever done. After 8 years of playing I feel this is nothing more than abuse.
This is an addition not a reply, I realized I had not really expressed myself well. Because players think they can solo it and should be able to it would be a solution that the quest has something written on it suggesting they may want to partner with another player or friends.
I agree that the Resurrection point is somewhere stupid and they should put in either flying in Pandaria upon death or just move the graveyard to somewhere more sensible, but that doesn't mean the fights are not solo-able.
Lustre, it is solo able, I have done it but I watched players who didn't realize it is a quest that having help might be a good idea. It was brutal. I soloed it on couple of my toons pretty easy, and on the ones I had a problem I did it twice with a horde who was there and once with alliance toons. Just think peeps should know ahead of time they might want help and it is not solo able for them. Didn't meant to give wrong impression, sorry :-) have a nice holiday season.

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