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I am playing on MBP Retina and it seems like the UI is randomly hitting the "v" key and resetting nameplates over enemies. I can turn them off again by recycling through "v", but then it comes back on. It usually happens right after an encounter. Weird. Not sure if it's UI, random MBP Retina fun or just one of the new joys on playing on mac. Thoughts?
I don't think the UI can randomly hit keys. Addons might be causing these issues, or it can be a permissions thing as well.

Do you currently have any addons installed?

Also, try resetting some permissions and see if this helps.

Reset the permissions on your World of Warcraft folder
    1. Select the World of Warcraft folder
    2. Press Command + I
    3. In the Info box, go to the Sharing & Permissions section and click on the lock and unlock it, entering your admin password when prompted.
    4. Make sure you have Read & Write permissions
    5. Click on the Action icon (cog wheel) and select Apply to enclosed items

Repair Permissions via Disk Utility
    1. Navigate to /Applications/Utilities/ and open Disk Utility.
    2. Select the hard drive the game is installed on.
    3. Select the First Aid option.
    4. Click on the Repair Disk Permissions button.

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What encounter? Amber Shaper by chance? If not, then just ignore the following. :)

Reason I ask. I coded dbm to take over name plates on that fight to avoid some bad design issues blizzard thought of when being inside a construct there. that option could do that (although that option is also off by default but might have been something you turned on?)

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