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Im wondering, I am paying almost 200 a month for internet with phone and cable, and was wondering if it would be cheaper to get one of those Roku boxes, I mean I have a Wii that could stream netflix and hulu, but I think I would need a Roku box for my second tv.

Anyone else use this, and recommend it? I'm just trying to stay alive here and this bundling is drowning me :(
$200 a month? Wow.

IMO, I'd just cut the cable, and possibly phone if mobile is enough for you. When you are short on the budget, entertainment has to be first to go without regrets
Oh I know, I just wasnt sure how to cut the cord :)

Been doing my research and seeing that I can stream services through my Wii, just need that second tv for my daughter, she likes to play in her room and watch her shows.

We are locked in a two year contract but considering dropping it anyway and finding a cheaper internet solution since they wont let us just cut the cable and phone and just go internet.

/sigh I hate monopolies :(
Depends what you're getting, and what you're prepared to deal with.

For example, not every show your daughter might want to watch is necessarily available for free through a Roku. For OTA channels, this isn't a problem but they're hardly the only ones. So maybe you end up with a NetFlix account as well.

Then you have to ask yourself how your internet connection will handle gaming, streaming, and whatever else at the same time.

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