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Yaaaay. Content only people with hundreds of thousands of gold lying around will ever see.


Are you actually that stupid, or just pretending?

It would seem the OP probably doesn't have hundreds of thousands of gold lying around. There's also the whole supply will steadily increase while demand decreases thing that will lower the price to worthless sooner than later.
/puts on tinfoil hat

Gilga is actually a daxxari alt, isn't it?

A Daxxari alt with millions of extra gold, that he no doubt used magic GM powers to give himself!

Also, a few days ago I saw a post in a thread that seemed more appropriate to tech support than what the thread was about. I didn't bother checking the date though.
Thanks for the reply, I'm going to try to get ranked fast so I can get a good sum of gold off of it.\
Could you also please tell me where the Alliance Brawlers Guild is located? I'm having troubel finding it :(
if you go to the deeprun tram, from stormwind
you'll go down the ramp on the left side of the seating area, and directly on the other side of the track is a tunnel leading to the brawlers guild.
11/27/2012 06:24 PMPosted by Gilgámesh
What rank is needed to sell invites?

Congratulations you have gotten an item to the only non gated area yet the most gated slow progressing area in the game. Please Enjoy your 20-40min queue soon to be longer queue for a 5min fight.

While you wait may i suggest some of these fun activities

  • Ways to kill time
  • Stabbing your hand with a pin
  • Stubbing your toe
  • Sighing
  • Cursing blizzard
  • Posting threads on the forums about how blizzard has failed the player base
  • Doing more dailies
  • Cleaning your room
  • Doing more dailies
  • Write a 2 page paper on the down fall of the mmo genre
  • Remind yourself the current state of the game is what players asked for in cata
  • Curse the players to suffer death by shoo shoo
  • Rethink your life
  • Come on the forms and !@#$%
  • Threaten to quit
  • But continue to play because you realize as unstable and unfun wow is you stick around
  • because it is one of the most reliable things in your life. That over the years has brought you joy and you continue to believe that some day it will go back to the way it once was. Not burdened down with dailies and raid fights that aren't really fun just tedious and annoying. Sure you say blizz can make it better you have ideas but really you dont. Then you realize the game you once knew is gone and dead like that queue that just popped as you were reading this. So you realize and bare down with the fact the wow you knew is gone and is replaced with dailies boring 3 mans and farming mobs for the last item outta 25 pieces of fat even if youve killed over 150 of the npcs needed.
  • Start to fish or dig and realize that is the most fun because it actually has a goal that is obtainable without stress
  • 11/27/2012 05:00 PMPosted by Gilgámesh
    I recently got this while raiding the Dominance Horde area, is there any possible way to sell it?

    i hate you you lucky shmoo
    11/27/2012 06:44 PMPosted by Gilgámesh
    Well, Rank 2 now lol...these fights are bs.

    Perhaps you need to get better.
    What is the drop chance on these? I've killed all three a few times today and haven't seen any drop. )':
    11/27/2012 06:50 PMPosted by Evanthe
    What is the drop chance on these? I've killed all three a few times today and haven't seen any drop. )':

    Can't say for sure but I haven't had any luck either. Killed 3 and nothing but the 250 honor. Gilgamesh you and your luck can go... eat... something nasty!
    I do believe I just witnessed a forum glitch...

    90 Pandaren Monk
    Bajheeras Army

    11/27/2012 05:44 PMPosted by Daxxarri
    Were you just killing random guards or what?

    The invitations don't drop from guards; they come from certain rare spawn Horde and Alliance npcs.

    Which horde rare's drop them?

    why is installing from the dvd so damn dirt fugging slow??

    captures of the last 2 posters I see... skipping from poster 18 to 51, with sgtkoolaid being a post from 5/15/2012... anyone else just experience this, or just me?

    I saw that in another thread today. Some random D3 post from several months ago.
    Well killed all 3 of the rares got the title/ 3 trinkets/ oh and zero Blood-Soaked Invitation I think I killed them 9 times is my luck that crappy? Just fyi I went form 0/12000 Honored to almost revered with the Black Prince doing this.
    Is there perhaps only a certain amount of invitations that drop from the rare spawns daily? My buddies got theirs earlier this morning is three kills or less Im on kill at least 10 without seeing one.
    Well just got a kill stolen from me a guild group pulled the Dock rare from me only for me to get aggro back and get insta-killed due to the range debuff this guy does. WTG (Enter Guild name"some something box")<I think thats vague enough. I only cycled that rare for 6 hours to let you come in and STEAL the invite grats on your Achievements bro's your cool peeps. BTW to others camping run with the rare if some one does that to you and you won't get cheated out of a fair tag in your favor.

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