Ice Barrier Nerf double dipped

Hey guys, this is an alt that I play around with just for fun and occasional BGs, but I did notice that my survivability went down a LOT after the patch. Not in PVE mind you, but in BGs, it went down a LOT!

Before the patch, I could stand toe-to-toe with most classes and was having a blast (yeah I know, fire is a bit OP at lvl 85) with this toon. But since the patch, I go down like warm cheese.

This nerf was over the top in my humble opinion. I'm going back to my druid until they fix this.
Let's also talk about how mages can't derp spam spell steal without consequence now.

Oh what a glorious day it is.

Glorious day indeed.
My Ice Barrier went from 96k to 63k (outside of PVP). That is way more than a 25% nerf.

I'm guessing it was also scaling with the healing side of PVP Power, which was also nerfed (and rightly so).

Ice Barrier also suffers from the 15% Healer debuff while in BGs/Arena/RBGs (When it really shouldn't). In BGs, Ice Barrier went from 84k to under 50k. This is a lower value than Ice Barrier had at level 85.

Look, I'll be the first to say Ice Barrier was excessive. But it also seems that Blizz doesn't have a clue how nerfs add up exponentially. In all honesty, the nerf to PVP Power affecting healing was likely enough to bring Ice Barrier in line.

Happened to my monk as well. The heals seem like they were nerfed WAY over the 25% in patch notes.
Its ok guys! You can still 1 shot with Frost Bomb. :)

Edit: Oh and a few Ice Lances... and a Demo lock. :)

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