Rapture Broken?

I did a full clear MSV no problem and started HoF heroic and suddenly I'm not seeing any rapture mana return. I started to go oom and investigated and saw that I did indeed gain rapture mana earlier in the day and now none!

Edit: I respecced to shadow then back to Disc and I'm getting it again. :/
Weird bug, thanks for sharing.
Ya, I noticed this too. I swapped a talent and Rapture stopped working until I relogged. I did not try spec swapping but that probably works too.
Happening again this week after Heroic Vizier. YAY! :) No response on Bug thread either. Is anyone else having this issue? :/
yay happening to me now too
thanks blizz.
Happening now on Heroic Will... /sigh
Happened to me once on a Tsulong attempt in Terrace last night. Not fun!

I relogged after the attempt and that cleared it up.
Wonder if this is why I've been OOMing a lot more lately. I should pay more attention I guess.
This happened to me on our final pull last night, was oom 2 minutes in and having seen this immediately checked my mana return log. Really frustrating and not sure what is causing it, worked fine for the first 3 hours of raid.
I was noticing this in HoF the other night, on Blade Lord and Garalon. Was getting really annoyed when I found myself oom in situations where I shouldn't have been.
hmm I've been wondering why my ilvl has been going up and my mana efficiency has been going down. I've been seeing the rapture proc and didn't even think if it was returning mana or not. I will keep an eye on that thx for the post

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