Operation: Warmonger---Domination

Wyrmrest Accord
The salty breeze of the sea could be felt as the large galleon drifted off the coast of Krasarang. Nestled amid the Horde Fleet, it bobbed about, slowly moving towards the shoreline. Sals stood on the main deck, amid Hozen crewmen an various other members of the Blackmarket Cartel. Before him, a spread out parchment on a makeshift table.

Looking at the map, he grunted while a cigar burned furiously in his mouth. Black smoke curled up around his top hat, as the shifting and rocking motions of the ship continued.

"So then, wha' are we's lookin' fer here?" Sals asked as a forsaken woman approached.

"We have heard of Mogu artifacts that can harness dark magics and warp flesh. Our bet is if we search for more dig sites, we'll find something useful." Her voice was slightly meek, unsure of herself. But Wollustig was talented and capable.

Just then an elven woman approached the table, a hand gripping her sheathed blade. She saluted Sals, then dropped a satchel down on the map.

"Trade Baron, we found a score of gem deposits in Kun-lai that we could exploit for profit. I can have several crews on it by the end of the day." Came her slightly mocking tone, always playfully.

"Ah, fine, Shay. Just make sure we's git ta it before any Alliance crews do. I hear tha' Explorer's League has arrived. We need ta best em at their game." Sals scowled at the map and satchel, concern marring his face.

"Perhaps you should be more concerned about your Bruisers. None of them are skilled for war, Trade Baron." The sounds of grumbling came from an orc staring out to sea, one foot resting on the railing.

The orc was scarred, and wore one of those Pandaren wide-brimmed cone hats. Turning to address the trio, he moved to the table in a few rough steps. He glared at Sals and the other two, while Shay glared back and Wollustig looked down.

"We need to train those grunts of yours to be batt-"

"Shut it, Krogg. I know what my crew is capable o'. I hir'd youse ta help train em, not belittle my cartel. Don' forgit, so long as youse work fer me, I's own youse."

Krogg spit on the ground, grunted and moved back to watching the Horde ships. Sighing, Sals returned to the map, as another goblin stepped out from inside the ship. Wearing a nice suit made from blackened leather, he gave the two women a large grin.

"Now, now, let's not pay attention to any grumblin', Boss. Krogg knows what he's doing. Besides, I have the intel on the Alliance outposts liked you asked." The goblin dropped a selection of files onto the table, adding to the mess.

Sals sighed, but grinned at the goblin. "Ah, thanks Sorzix. We's need ta do more recon on it though. I heard tha' Reliquary is diggin' in Ogudei, some sort o' ruins. But so are tha' Alliance."

"On it boss." Sorzix grinned, and gave a small salute.

The sounds of battle exploded in the distance, as other ships began moving into position to engage. Sals sighed, gripped his hat, and ordered the ship to take the long and quiet way around.

As Landfall has been made, and the Horde and Alliance are now engaged in conflict, it's time to add to it. The BMC is running events based on several elements for this war.

Our Occult division is looking for ancient artifacts and sources of power throughout Azeroth to aid the Horde in it's efforts. This doesn't just mean in Pandaria. We will be scouring the tattered remains of Outland, digging through Uldum and other lands, and delving into the crypts in Northrend. What this means is we'll be doing a series of world events and old content raid rped as tombs and leftovers, hoping to steal secrets and plunder power.

Our Trade Division will continue to run markets in major cities, and work to supply Domination Point and other outposts. We'll also be looking to exploit resources in Pandaria, so that will require effort.

Our Shadow Division will be infiltrating Alliance cities and outposts, and scouting ahead to help gather intel on Alliance movements, smoke out spies, and tactically strike at specific targets.

Bruisers will be Bruisers, aiding in direct attacks, guarding and so forth.


What this means is we're looking to expand these events. We'll be trying to run multiple ones weekly, whether it's a guerilla strike on Redridge, or an oil deposit in Krasarang we need to tap, we'll need to work with others to help be successful.

To the Horde guilds and players, Join us! We have several elements in play, like aiding the Horde, but not happy with the Warchief. Secretly dismantling Gallywix, and making some quick coin.

To the Alliance. Stop us! Attack our events. Make life difficult. It's a land of war, and mining kyparite should have additional dangers of Alliance platoons trying to stop us. Contact me, post here and seek me out ingame. We can exchange battletags, but what we can do is set up joint events, two sides to each.
Bump for the Horde!
We'll be looking into setting up a base shortly, a second outpost to aid the Dominance Offensive deeper into Pandaria.
Let me know if you need assistance.
We'll need it, Topsail. The plan is to include other guilds and players looking to involve themselves more into the campaign.
Then know this:

By the might of my trigger finger, my money, my eye-patch thing, and by The Legion.....

You shall have that base.

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