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So, with this recent change to Combustion making it now only take Ignite into account, will this change our secondary stat priority at all? Obviously Crit will still be our highest secondary for our Pyroblast! procs, but since Haste - as far as I know - does not effect Ignite, would stacking Mastery over Haste yield better overall DPS for higher Combustion and Ignite DoTs?

tl;dr What is our current secondary stat priority?
Crit > Haste > Mastery
Crit > Mastery > Haste
Mastery was so far behind Haste for scaling pre-patch as you gear up that I would seriously doubt this change would make it viable over Haste. I could be wrong... but there really isn't an accurate sim for this patch as of this moment.

Haste still scales really well with Invocation and Fireball which is very important and cannot be discounted.
Like Noomage said there aren't really any sims on this subject yet so I doubt anyone can give a definitive answer.

The most I would maybe expect is that mastery may overcome haste, as long as you are not hitting a haste threshold. I may be putting more emphasis on those then they deserve but just saying the only situation that I can think that it may change for.
I'd be interested in seeing how this pans out. I may be completely off, and Haste is still above Mastery. But I figured I'd at least look into it.

11/28/2012 08:46 AMPosted by Noomage
Haste still scales really well with Invocation and Fireball which is very important and cannot be discounted

I knew the Haste benefit would be large for Fireball, but I forgot to take Invocation into account; however, choosing RoP may still make Mastery viable, just need time to see.

I'd try some self-testing right now, but a quick armory shows I don't have quite the gear to give reliable reference for Fire DPS (plus I'm still getting used to Fire, was Frost for a while, and main an Ele Sham).
My guess is things will remain the same. A big ignite was still the bulk of combustions before and with more haste you get more combust ticks and more fireballs out which can increase the number of pyros gained when inferno blast is on cd. Not to mention haste affects our bomb talents.

Mastery prolly wont pop its head up until the last tier of the xpac or extreme min/maxing where you hit a cap then focus everything extra into mastery.
There's only 2 real plausible scenarios:

Int>Hit>Crit>Haste to plateau>Mastery>Other Haste

I can't see scenario 2 being viable on anything other than a continual cleave fight (like Stone Guard) without an actual buff to Mastery. I don't think people understand how far behind Haste that Mastery was pre-patch. Haste was strong to the point of being quite close to Crit, point for point, and Mastery was almost 40% behind. The change to Combustion I just can't see making up that gap.
Okay, thank you guys for your responses. I was just curious, wasn't aware of how far behind Mastery was compared to the other two. Admittedly, I just made this Mage in MoP after having not really played one since BC; I've traditionally played Ele Sham.

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