[A] <Strife> rebuilding for 10mans

Hey there!

<Strife> is a level 25 guild looking to rebuild our 10 man raid group. The group was 4/6 before we lost many raiders to RL commitments/ non attendance. We are hoping to get started back up with full guild 10 mans in the next week or two.

Current needs for Tues/Thurs/ ?? (last day will be decided when group is full) 8-11pm ST
1 Ranged dps (Hunter preferred)
2 Healers, 1 Hpally and 1 Druid,Shaman, or Monk

we are also looking into starting our own RBG team (have some exp) and anti-gank protection :P

We have all the perks and BoA!!

pst in game or add Haytred#1922 or you can talk to Daun (Daun#1452) as well

Happy Hunting!
Updated current needs and raid times
WTB Healers pst
I can also be reached on Insayne
Still looking to recruit an agility melee DPS?
I'm very interested contact me in game cautyh#1526
Updated our recruiting needs, lets see some healers

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