One Of The "Buggiest" Xpacs To Date?

Incoming wall of text crit, no TL:DR so comment if you want to read it all. This is based on PvP.

First off, balance aside, I think rogue damage is fine, and we just need some mobility adjustments. As other classes are brought down we're going to be very strong. So yes, this isn't a whinge about rogues being underpowered. What is however is how over the many years certain bugs and new ones together have made this xpac very frustrating. Bugs that hamper us, some even gamebreaking for certain talents/specs. Even more so the lack of feedback from the devs. I may not be 100% accurate so feel free to correct me.

Given this class is so dependent on uptime--due to CP generator dmg being nerfed and auto attacks/poisons buffed--and a clean opening, these bug issues are amplified even more.

Yes it was much worse in the past, and a lot of issues arise from server quality and client connection but there's no doubt even with optimal conditions stealth detection is still horribly broken. I am not talking about hunter tracking and being SS'd from 50 yards away, I am talking about a DK, mage, anything randomly dotting you up from 20+ yards away. Ever since they changed the human racial it's been even worse. Shadowwalk should have been a passive, not some 1minute CD. There seems--to me--to be no consistency with other classes stealth detection thresholds.

Ah yes vanish. Many things are broken about vanish, but still to this date we get pet/clones attacking us. Even with a clos/vanish sprint, rets ancient guardian, hunter pets, mage mirror images , apparitions, can still follow/attack us for even the whole duration of a sprint. Not only does this give away our position but it also enables the enemy to AOE us back out more easily. The worst thing is it's completely random when this happens. I've had a pet follow me into TP leaf hut after a vanish/clos+sprint and then attack, knocking me out of stealth all while the hunter is in the middle bandaging a billion yards away. Is their come core coding that cannot be altered? Or is it simply not worth the manpower to solve how vanish has never properly worked.

Cloak Of Shadows
Definition: Instantly removes all existing harmful spell effects, provides a brief moment of immunity against magical damage and harmful effects, and then causes you to resist all spells for 5 sec. Does not remove effects that prevent you from using Cloak of Shadows.

Oh how I've nearly broken my keyboard on this one. This is still an enigma how randomly it occurs. I find the main culprit abilities are hunter's mark, howling blast and SW:P. Clos is supposed to remove and PREVENT reapplication of spells for a 5 second duration. This one usually occurs only a couple times a day. For example, I am being trained I have to escape, I have a dot from howling blast. I clos+vanish or even just clos sprint if I am not slowed and the dot removes, then right after a howling blast reapplies a fresh dot while I am still under CLOS. It certainly isn't client side because I've had many rogue friends on skype scream: "how the !@#$ did I get dotted up/spell attacked in clos?". This bug coupled with vanish issues can make you pretty much west 2-3 major CDs at once. Then you can be force to prep another clos to do what the first one should have in the first place.

Short and sweet, it took a whole patch to finally have shiv properly apply our crippling poison. A lot of non-rogue players have no idea how much of a hindrance not having a reliable instant application of CP when you shiv was. However this was finally fix. Which brings me to another bug pre 5.1

Yes, a class with a 4PC that didn't actually work. It was delayed to the point where people still actually used CP on one dagger to have a reliable application. This coupled with shiv issues, CP % nerf, made it very frustrating - for me anyway. Since we're so reliant on auto attacks and uptime this made it even worse.

There is a growing thread about this in the bug section and it's also apparently been around for quite some time. A massive bug that renders a whole talent nearly useless. Nearly any type of offensive procs, i.e. you recup and restealth, will trigger Dancing Steel. If dancing steel triggers while stealthed, it will trigger subterfuge and put you on a 3second count thus removing you from stealth after. No words can describe how painful this is, and the lack of feedback about such a huge bug. Most rogues I know who want to stay subterfuge are forced to to talent into shadow focus because of this bug.


There's more but the wall of text is getting crazy. ^^ These are the main ones that are new or have spanned over many xpacs. All these bugs compounded can make quality of life frustrating. I know they'll never all be fixed, but I have to say this xpac has been one of the worst for rogue bugs and broken mechanics. Our whole class is stuck in the ages while others have been updated to suit a new style of WoW. If you're going to tone us down balance wise that's fine, but let's start working on some of these known issues or if you CAN'T solve it at least tell us so we can stop trying to get it fixed.

Anyway feel free to comment, maybe add some more. Once again, this is not a thread complaining about balance, I've stated in shortform what I think of that.
This game felt like it was unfinished and unrefined when it first came out. I guess mainly because they were pushing for the earliest release date.

Beta felt like alpha, 5.0 felt like beta and live feels like live.
The terrible thing is that you didn't even point out that we needed buffs or nerfs, you just stated bugs that break our class. It is baffling that these things go ignored.
I have always had good things to say about Blizzard, always told people, as far as customer service goes, they are the best when it comes to big businesses.
I've had multiple problems with stealth, vanish, cloak of shadows the 4pc bonus. and now with the subterfuge talent!

i've made multiple in game bug reports, opened tickets, posted in threads yet i get no reply back and nothing gets done about it. i know for a fact if it was any other class blizzard would of been onto it in no time. And its true because after all it did take them a whole patch to fix out 4pc bonus...
Yep it's been an issue for a long time. Good to see some responses, it was early morning in the US so many may have not seen.
2 months after MoP and stealth/vanish are still completely broken

What an absolute joke, it's completely game breaking for my stealth to randomly drop for no reason in arena
You guys haven't seen buggy if you think MoP is.
For crippling I always thought ambush and garrote should have a snare, with cheapshot you get the poison on but you want to use garrote on anything that casts. Idk why waylay left.

I'm still fairly certain that CoS has some latency issue where the casting class uses the ability before they have CoS registered on you similar to how vanish used to fail. They could fix this bug by making CoS not just grant immunity but pulse the clearing effect for its duration. Is it more frustrating now? I remember back when it was only 90% so you expected it to fail sometimes.

Stealth always seemed very random when I was a rogue in BC. After playing a few non rogues in particular my DK I think most of the random stealth breaks are ex rogues. I've "randomly" used aoe skills on rogue highways "paths I commonly took, and places around nodes I tended to sit". I imagine to the rogue they think that I seen them in stealth when this is not the case. It doesn't always work and sometimes I'm sure your watching in stealth laughing as I fish randomly.
I do enjoy Cheat death proc going off as I die and the spirit release button pops up... 160ms must be too laggy.

An attack that would otherwise be fatal will instead reduce you to no less than 10% of your maximum health, and damage taken will be reduced by 80% for 3 sec. This effect cannot occur more than once per 90 seconds.

All I'm seeing is BLEEGHHH!!*falls dead* <Cheat Death Procs> Release Spirit?

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