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11/29/2012 12:54 PMPosted by Tinymasher
From Blizzard's point of view, Botting and Oqueue are equally illegal ... simply different variations on the same problem ... namely that people are writing programs that operate on the WoW platform from the outside.

wth are you talking about? oQueue is an addon, like dbm and recount.

Blizzard permits the existence of no software that reaches into the game from the outside.

it's an addon... in-game.

But Oqueue (and Botting) does something outside of the game, and then passes that into the game through the User Interface. From Blizzard's perspective this means that someone other than them is writing core code for the platform, and that is expressly forbidden.

no it doesn't. oQueue is 100% lua and in-game only.

And second, IMAO, expect Bots to return fairly quickly. AI is good enough now to figure out how to open the dialog box and click on a button ... which is all that Joinbattlefield did ... and when that happens, there will be Bots everywhere again.

bots haven't left.

this post was just .... wow.

Beat me too it.

Hold on, let me drag my face acrossed the keyboard real quick, i bet you the resulting text would have more truth / relevance than stoneghosts.

Idk where you got that the addon "Reaches outside the game" but your sadly mistaken.
I support control over a players RBG experience, am confident that someone at Blizzard is looking into this, and look forward to a response or direct action.
Blizzard already has the code to match premades against other premades. I don't understand where they get 'stomping noobs' from, considering this. Most of the time I used oQueue, we faced against other premades, albeit not as large (which is why they need to remove the party queue cap). Conversely, almost every random game I play is lost or won on the RNG of healers, bots, and trolls.
The new battleground matchmaking system is now implemented and active. This system allows the battleground to select teams of similar equipment quality and organizational level to battle each other. For now, the system will be very forgiving about creating matchups in order to keep queue times low. However, the parameters will be adjusted as necessary when more organized teams become active in the battlegrounds

This is from the 2.1.0 patch notes. Premades - i.e. organized teams - were matched (when possible) against other premades and have been since May 22, 2007. oQueue groups were not picking on unorganized pugs (except when there were no premades of the opposite faction available). The functionality to support oQueue has been in the game for more than 5 years. Allow us to queue as a raid and let the existing system do what it does, namely pit us against other premades.
Hell, if the fact that oQueue is available to everyone isn't enough, then just make the networking options and premade forming system part of the default user-interface. Cross-realm premade finder, if you will.
Waiting for a response
Here for support, Tiny's addon saved me from quitting WoW.

I have lost interest in PVE, and there is NO FUN in doing BGs full of bots ...or (worse?) a bunch of people who simply REFUSE to do anything that would help the team. They know the game mechanics and what it takes to win, but blatantly REFUSE to play right ...trolling BG chat while sabotaging the efforts of the 3 people on the team that aren't bots.

Please respond / fix!
fix please blizzard
oQueue still functions. All that has changed is that instead of pressing a convenient button within the game to queue the groups/leave queue, Blizzard has determined that we should rather use an external program (Ventrilo) to co-ordinate simultaneous queuing of groups. This also puts the requirement to be competent in clicking the leave queue selection from the tiny mini-map icon when prompted by the group leader.

Blizzard has taken convenience, and good interface design, and thrown them out of the window. This is in spite of the fact that the threads related to this addon are among the largest that the UI/Macro forum has.

Please undo this change, as entering RBG's without practice/gear is pointless. We WANT to do the RBG's. We CAN'T do the RBG's because there's no way to compete without the gear. Getting gear by "playing" in BG's containing 50-70% bots is bad design. oQueue was the solution...was available to both sides...and fostered a larger community.

If you've got questions/concerns regarding this, PLEASE hop in chat with some of the oQ Leaders in vent at . The players will tell you that they've met more friends in their time (max of a couple months) with oQ, than in the previous years of PVP.

You're screwing over a community of players, who want to play your game, but want to do so without your game's problems.
So many people are quitting because of this. Blizzard want more money? Or not.
Bashiok posted this.

Matching random people together with differing interests, preferences, and goals is always going to mean people will be leaving when they feel they want to for... whatever reasons they deem necessary. If you want to have a group that's organized and sticks together, queuing to be matched with strangers has a higher chance of not offering that experience. What we can do, and will continue to strive for, is lessening the social burdens of being matched with strangers in an unknown situation and reducing some of the behaviors that may cause more degenerative uses of the tool - ideally through positive reinforcement, but that's not always possible.

In any case, I don't think anyone thinks any part of the game is perfect, and so much like everything we do it's going to be an ongoing iterative process. Feedback on what you think we can do to make things smoother for you is always helpful.

I know that this is from a different thread, and related to LFR, but it applies nonetheless. oQueue fixed this issue for PVP. Please restore the ability to queue for BG's within an addon. Your 'fix' isn't removing bots from battlegrounds, it's just making it so that the actual players don't want to participate due to the prevalance of being matched in groups with bots.

Yes, there's the report AFK feature. Have you played in a random BG recently? The bots just have to enter combat to avoid being kicked...right? Guess what, they're free kills. Players kill the bots repeatedly for HK's/KB's. This prevents them from being removed from the BG.
Day 3 and hoping for some clarification.
Why Blizzard, why?
I just recently started to ENJOY BGs because of this addon. I have contemplated leaving WoW fro months now and if this doesn't get fixed the developers have made my mind up for me.
Bump, because I believe in OQ and all the Tiny's except for Tinymasher (cuz he's a fatty!).

More groups are springing up today, everyone is using the countdown work-a-round.

Hope Blizz makes it easier on us the OQ PVP community, by helping fix it.
reverse the change or remove the "group-of-5" cap to que for bgs..

this addon made alot of people interested in the pvp side of the game.. it's nothing like botting..

We are here
we are playing
we're paying
we're having fun finally!
reverse the change or remove the "group-of-5" cap to que for bgs..

this addon made alot of people interested in the pvp side of the game.. it's nothing like botting..

We are here
we are playing
we're paying
we're having fun finally!

This a 1000 times.
11/29/2012 02:27 PMPosted by Erickah
Bashiok posted this.

So 3 hours ago they posted about LFR (pve). Go figure. It's been 3 days, and not so much as a word like it's being looked into, or it's definitely gone. I see where priorities are : /
Maybe Blizz is mad someone came up with this instead of them so they are blocking it so they can release an option like this in patch 6.0.

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