looking for arena advice

i need some good tips when i play my hunter i have a variety of things to do when focused i can heal myself use deter use masters call and disengage and readiness for that all over again. what do i do on my warrior instead of wall ? am i supposed to just low ninjas up so i wont have to worry about being focused ?
Heroic Leap, Demoralizing/Mocking Banner -> Intervene, Rallying Cry, Shield Wall Die by the Sword, Spell Reflect. Hide behind a pillar and second wind heal for days.
The second wind hide and heal is great. Doing some 2s I had a hunter down my partner right when we downed his, he was over my health and I got him down to about 30 percent and I was almost dead, leaped behind a wall and LOS's him ,waited for my charge to come off CD, charged him, shockwave/stormbolt, gg with 50k left.

But yeah I really hate playing hunters I have a lot of difficulty with them :(
So how to play defensive as a warrior?

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