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The Brawler's Guild

We should not be talking about the Brawler's Guild.

So we all want to head up the the VIP lounge to flaunt our brawler's guild skills to our friends and guildmates, but unfortunately it isn't that simple. We actually have to do work to get there! This Guide Will take you through the first 6 Ranks of the Brawler's Guild, Earning you [achievement=7940] and an invite for a friend.

A couple things to keep in mind. It will take lots of time. Be prepared to wait.

You only get one invite at level 7! It is not unlimited.

Fight Tips:

At least for the first 4 ranks, DPS is always better. You can almost ignore half of the non one shot mechanics by simply bursting the brawler down fast enough.
Keep CC at your finger tips!
Use defencive cooldowns, on cooldown. Mirror images, evasions, iceblocks, AMS, its all wonderful.
Watch for ENRAGE Timers! They exist. A helicopter will rain fire onto the field and you will die pretty much instantly. Try to kill the brawler before this happens!
Use the cheap stat potions provided for 70s from the nearby vendor
Flask up.
Eat the feasts.
Brawl hard.

We will begin with Rank 1, of course.

Fight 1: BRUUUUCCEEEEE (Bruce)

Simple and quick. Feel free to kite Bruce, however it is easiest to stand there and take his melee swings. When Bruce begins to cast "Chomp Chomp Chomp" Get out asap. Your best bet is to strafe to the side and finish bruce off. With 1.58M HP, he is one of the easiest opponents on the field.

Fight 2: Vian the Volatile.

Vian prefers the method of fire. Like you will learn quickly in the Brawler's guild, don't stand in anything that doesn't look like normal ground. Vian is once again, a very easy opponent. Simply DPS him down, and move on.

Fight 3: Goredome

Goredome is a boredomee. Another easy fight to continue the rank 1 in the guild. Simply do not stand in the red circle at any time. Goredome will charge into the circle and one shot you. Other than that, shoot the gun.

Fight 4: Dungeon Master Vishas

The dungeon master is a simple dps race. He buffs himself and is to be avoided when is buffed. However, every so often he will shout "Naughty Secrets" and bless you with a wonderful debuff, increasing shadow damage by 100%. This debuff stacks until Vishas is dead. Kill him quickly, and move on.

Rank 2, So you think you are going to be a Brawler?

Fight 5: Dippy

One of my personal favorites. Has a single ability, peck. This peck will definitely instate a pecking order. It is a one shot kill, no exceptions. Dippy also moves very quickly, and continuously chases you, HOWEVER, Dippy has very poor footing. any single ability will knock dippy back and down for a second. Pets are a great help in this fight, to simply increase the number of attacks dealt.

If you are really struggling, try grab the [item=77530][Ghost Iron Dragonling] from the auction house. Should be quite cheap and will come in handy.

Fight 6: Kirrawk.

Kirrawk has a basic mechanic that stumps many. He will summon a whirlwind. If the whirlwind touches you, you get flung high into the air, and will descend nice and slowly. However, Kirrawk will hit you with lightning bolts so fast, that you will die before you hit the ground. Its best NOT to touch the whirlwinds at ANY point.

Tip: Kirrawk himself can be thrown into the air with the whirlwinds.

Fight 7: Fran & Riddoh

One of the more frustrating fights purely due to its relative length. You first have to kill Riddoh, who is the giant ogre holding Fran on his back. Fran will continously cast Throw Dynamite at you, and if possible you should avoid by continuously moving.

Every now and then Fran will throw a fan of landmines around himself (and likely you). This fan will look like a C. You must leave through the opening in the circle before Fran detonates the landmines. They do not kill, however one landmine can bring even the toughest warriors to their last breath.

Once Riddoh Dies, Kill fran by following the same procedure, and move on.

Fight 8: King Kulakka

To be honest I'm not even sure the "King" has any abilities what so ever. In the countless matches I watched, even the worst of players simply just DPS him down.

My suggestion? Stand there and attack. Kulakka will die.

Rank 3. Okay, so maybe you are a brawler, but no one is impressed yet.

Fight 9: Blat (that flat blat drat)

Blat is once again a very easy fight. The only thing you need to keep in mind, is that Blat moves quicker than the adds he spawns. All you have to do is kite the group of slimes continuously, ensuring that only Blat is within your melee range.

If you are a ranged class? Well than... lol? Just kill blat and move on.

Fight 10: Sanoriak

Definitely not an easy fight for many people, especially if you are proud to support your lag. Sanoriak has 4 main abilities, and I will list them in importance of interupting: Flamewall, Flamebuffet, Pyroblast, Fireball.

Flamewall, similar to Fran and Riddoh, forms a C shaped wall of raining fire around your character. You need to find the gap, and get out asap. Move as far away as you can, and interupt when possible. Flamewall will likely be the death of you at least once.
Flamebuffet however, will likely hit you for about half your health, and give you a debuff (I beleive increasing fire damage taken)

The other two are less important, but if possible, interrupts are always preferred.

Fight 11: IXX(xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

Many people struggle with Ixx. It is, however misleading. Ixx has a frontal cone, similar to that of the rares throughout Pandaria. This frontal cone will hit for about 1.6M damage, and will likely (i'd assume) kill everyone who decides it looks like a nice place to be. Stand as close as possible to Ixx, and walk through him when he casts the cone. Continue the tank and spank.

Fight 12: Mazhareen

Not quite the melee friendly fight. Mazhareen does increased damage the lower her health becomes. Below 25% Maz can one shot certain, lower hp players. Your best bet is to keep Maz stunned for the last portion of the fight. Where this is not possible, save all cooldowns for the second half of the fight, and down Maz asap, before she decides to put a claw mark in your face!

Rank 4. I thought we were not supposed to be talking about brawling? I mean how do yo.. *silence*

Fight 13: Crush.

RECOMMENDATION: Best fight to get the achievement: [achievement=7945][Haters Gonna Hate] It is a long fight, with limited moving. Have a few friends or fellow brawlers team up to make you nice and smelly.

Crush has two real abilities. Melee, and charge. Very similar to the the large charging boss in ToC! However, he does have over 4M hp, the most you have seen so far. Step to the side when he charges, and enjoy the free casting while Crush lays stunned on the ground for a couple seconds. Dodge all charges, and dps to your hearts desire.

Fight 14: Leonna Earthwind.

Ever pvp'd against a moonkin before? Thats all this is. Leonna will spawn adds, and silence you with a solar beam. If you have low dps, I recommend CCing or even killing the adds before you focus down Leonna. Stay out of the solarbeam if you require mana of any kind. Keep dps up hard.

Fight 15: Dominika the Illusionist.

This is where things start to get a tad tough. Dominika will spawn a single illusion for every attack she recieves. Each illusion only has 1hp, but will hit hard enough. It is best to minimize attacks here to the largest damage dealt. Aoe such as fan of knives, starfall, concecrate, will all be your friend. Try down the illusions slowly, but focus on killing the Illusionist quick as you can.

Fight 16: Deeken.

One of the most fun, and most intimidating fights yet. I know I was on the edge of my seat. Deeken has only one real ability. Melee. His melee however knocks your character around a little bit, which can be quite frustrating. The bulk of the Deeken fight, is the surroundings. There are waves of electricity that flow in every random direction. I don't recommend trying to jump over the electricity, it does not work.

Suggestions? Kill Deeken asap. Try stay as close to the centre of the room as possible. You don't want to corner yourself with nothing but electricity for a good 10 yards.

Rank 5. Stepping it up a notch.

Fight 17: Millie Watt.

So I had my first wipe on Millie, don't feel bad if you wipe here either. Millie has a lot of HP, and is relatively unfriendly towards melee.

Millie has 3 abilities. A red lazer beam that doesnt really seem to do a whole lot. I think it may do a little bit of damage. An electrical dynamite, that leaves a pool of electricity behind, and a third beam that disorients you. If you get disoriented, you will die, that is all.

So how to avoid being disoriented. Before the cast finishes, stand in a electricity pool, the damage will break the disorient. Iceblock and other similar abilities work fine too.

Note: if you are really struggling with this one, throw on a pvp trinket. You can trinket out of at least one disorient in the fight.

Fight 18: Fjoll

Fjoll is one of those fights where, the quicker you kill him, the easier the fight will seem. Fjoll spawns random pools of purple fire throughout the room, to be avoided of course. This is usually indicated by a large purple circle, before the fire spawns. I recommend avoiding that circle as well.

HOWEVER, Fjoll sadly has Death Grip. I know we all love death grip. If you take to long to kill Fjoll, he will end up death gripping you into fire, and the combination of the two will probably result in a death.

Fight 19: Proboskus (Sounds and looks like a giant plant)

Just like Ixx, Prob is very much like the pandaria rares. He has two main abilities, Torrent, and Rain dance.

Torrent shoots a stream of water that will follow your character quickly across the screen. If it is not interupted, you will likely die, and quickly.
Rain Dance sends streams of watery snowflake looking balls of doom, that will likely devistate you character upon impact. I recommend avoiding this ability as well if possible.

Fight 20: Leper Gnome Quintet.

This one is a little tricky for some classes.
The gnomes are fairly simple, there is four of them, each with 1.78M HP. Focus down all four to win. Use as much cc as possible (OP Frost Mages and Aoe Fears) as they actually hit quite hard.

EDIT: Gnomes do NOT respawn like originally posted. I must have been crazy. Appologies.

Rank 6 - The final rank before you are officially able to bring a friend to the club.

Fight 21: Yikkan Izu

I found this fight easy as a boomkin, but there seems to be lots of struggles around here.
Yikkan is a basic tank and spank fight, however, he will spawn loads of little flying birds, each with approx 33k hp.
Every 8 seconds he spawns 4 bird adds. If you kill 5 of these adds within a few seconds of each other, he enrages. So either kill the 4 adds immediately on spawn, or ignore the adds completely and kite. I also recommend that you keep Yikkan CC'd as much as possible, as he hits like a truck. A great big feathery truck with two legs.

Fight 22: Akamu

Relatively easy fight compared the last couple. I dont really recall much other than typhooning Akamu and killing him. Most classes do the same. Burst him down and move on.

Fight 23: Smash Hoofstomp.

First, go straight for smash's shoulders. He has two goblines (i think) on his shoulders. Each one killed will force Smash to take 50% extra dmg, stacking up to 100% extra dmg.

Smash Hits hard, but is easily kited. About every 15s or so, smash stands still holding a channeled shield for about 5 seconds. This ability does no damage to you. Get behind Smash, and blow him up from a good distance. You can not hit smash from the front when his shield is up.

Burn down smash and his 8M hp. Quite easy with the 200% damage taken buff.

Fight 24 - The final Fight - Unguloxx.

Unguloxx is an interesting Fight. Basically, a massive giraffe. The only thing i recall about the giraffe is that it hits very, very hard. Kite/stun/cc/ and dps unguloxx down asap.

Congratulations on becoming a Rank 7 Brawler. Now find yourself a worthy friend to invite to the guild. Then you may refer them to this guide, so they can also become a worthy Rank 7 brawler, and continue the cycle.

I will continue to add the remaining fights up to the end of Rank 8 as I encounter them.

Fight 25- GG engineers.

This fight is hard. That is all. Hard, and hard again. It will still be hard on your 20th try. I saw a dps warrior do it, but still have no idea how. I completed this as a resto druid, and I will explain my methods:

GG engineers consist of two engineers. One throws bombs, the other shoots rockets and lazers. Both the bombs and the rockets can hurt the other engineer. This sounds great, but the engineers have a shared health pool of 12.5M HP. This is A LOT considering the enrage timer.

Randomly one of the two engineers will go to a corner of the map, and form a shiled above their head. This makes everyone inside the shield immune for a short period of time. It is a great time to Bandage/Heal up.

I recommend that you sit with the engineer that is not in the bubble, as close as possible to ensure the splash off the explosives, but not too close as to cause you extreme pain.

Good luck - you will need it.

Fight 26 - Dark Summoner

I have not killed this brawler yet, but the concept is simple. You fight in the dark. The summoner has protective shield summons ghosts. These ghosts follow you, and will one shot you if you go even remotely close (I'm talking 10 yards here, its too far). You must kill a ghost, and the summoner loses his shield for a small period of time. Burn down the summoner, and move back to a ghost. Rinse, Repeat.

Something to note: Your character shoots a thin beam of light in the direction he/she is facing. This beam renders any ghost within it useless, unable to move or attack. Sounds great, but harder to control than it sounds.

Ghost spawn very fast, and they spawn behind you. Try to stay out of the corners at all times. It is quite disappointing when a ghost spawns behind you.

edit: killed now. Just don't go near ghosts and dps boss hard.

Fight 27 - Battletron

Note: This fight has had his HP doubled, and is now harder than before.

Not exactly sure about mechanics yet still, however: Orbs circle the boss, who doesn't move. If one of your abilities hit the orb, it explodes, dealing large amounts of damage. Boss also randomly shoots a beam at you dealing approx 20% hp. I healed up and kept on DPSing til it was dead.

It appears there are 5 orbs who orbit the boss in a C. Try to circle the boss and dps through the opening. If for any reason less than 4 orbs remain, I believe he will explode them all, and re-summon 5 again.

Fight 28 - Meatball (TO GET RANK 8!!!)

Note: Damage buff is now also transferred to pets.

Very melee/moving class oriented fight.
Meatball doesn't hit too hard. He drops little glowing orbs. Each increases your damage by 10% in a stacking buff when you collect them. I collected 22 stacks while using HoTW cat, then blew all CDs and killed meatball easily.
Note: This boss does not have a "traditional" brawler's guild enrage. After a certain amount of time (approx 52 seconds) He will enrage himself and hit for 200k+ every 0.75 seconds. May give you an extra few seconds if you are far enough away, but don't count on it.

If you are a casting based class, collect a good amount of buffs, and use all your cooldowns when you have a lot of stacks. Save your potion for then as well.

Rank 8 - Rare Brawls - And wicked cool!

Fight 29 - Epicus Maximus

Dps the boss hard, while avoiding the many swirling orbs on the floor, they hurt.
The boss will use a swirling blue ability that will basically kill you instantly. It has a initial cast time of ~0.5s, and then a channeled ability. It is preferable to interupt Epicus during the initial. cast to avoid any damage

Fight 30 - Disruptron

Going on purely what I saw, watching a ret pally attempt this. Disruptron is a 'simple', single mob in the centre of the room that must be dps'd down to zero, what else is new. (He can be stunned.)

The room is new. Balls of light similar to the first boss of HoF or Atramedes in BWD are flung in seemingly random at first, but specific directions, and well as random red lazer gutter beams moving around the room. Its a very serious game of dodging. Deeken 2.0+

I am told that one is to save CDs for sub 30%. I can only assume the fight gets harder as time goes on. I do know for a fact that the red beams become less consistant, and start traveling at different speeds. This can really throw off the brawl.

Fight 31 - Millhouse Manastorm

Mill house will randomly spawn 1-3 crystals on the ground. The crystals channel a buff that increases damage dealt. This buff is vital to succeed, as Millhouse as 50M HP. The downside is Mr. Supposed to be dead Manastorm can also collect the channeled buff. You need to position yourself perfectly to avoid this at all costs.

Once you are strategically placed, destroy the other crystals that reach Millhouse. This will guarantee that he does not stack any of the buff. Starfall is FIXED!

Don't stay at the same totem for too long, After a (what i think may be predetermined) time, Manastorm will destroy the totems.

Also note: If you stand to close to millhouse, he will arcane blast, dealing damage and knocking you back a couple yards.

Fight 32 - Zen'Shar

New Info:

Zen is a C'thun looking dude. He begins the fight with a group of orbiting eyes, and can only be damaged once all the eyes are down.

Zen also has lazers all around the room that follow in also seemingly random patterns, but you can guess them with enough practice. I have no easy way to describe it, other than maybe: Place yourself as far away from beams that are about to change direction.

There doesn't seem to be a safe zone. Zen will form a purple circle, about 2.5 yard radius around your toon. After a few seconds he will use an ability that deals a large amount of damage if you are still in the circle.

ZEN TL;DR. Kill eyes, dont stand in anything ever

I wish you the best of luck in your brawling my friends!

Habbub of Moonkin Mailbox

Updates to follow!
The wait time is horrible.. Crz is insane, about 30-45 min wait just for one fight.. Good guide though thanks a lot.
Thank you for putting this together. <3

Psst, item links are [item="numberhere" /]. Ghost Iron Dragonling
Indeed this will help in my upcoming fights, ty.
Thank you! The illusionist was giving me a lot of problems.
gg engineering :<
Np Guys, hope it helps!

GG engineering for yah Fink ;p - skip to 1:08
I have also done GG Engineers as a healing spec, Discipline. Doing this as a Shadow Priest is so hard, for me at least, with it being my offspec.
you forgot the guide of what to do while alt tabbing for an hour plus
I can't get past the Leper Gnome Quintet (5 BTW)
I usually run out of time as a bear or I die as a kitty.

They continue to add stacks on you up to 20 stacks and the ticks get incredibly hard.

I've lost several times, dunno how else to beat them.

Didn't notice them respawning at all.

Thanks for the guide!
yeah apparently Blizz didnt think it through when they made it cross realm - the waiting times a over an hour in my battle group and its only been 3 days ... i dont want to even think what will happen 3 days from now.
Holy crap, this guide is just fabulous Habbub! Thank you so much for compiling it.

Luckily enough I only had to do GG Engineering around 6 times before I finally downed it, so maybe some tips on how I did it as melee (without actual factual offheals) would help? Kind of rogue specific, but other classes can substitute their own similar abilities in place of ones rogues have in their kit so here goes.

DPS the one with the lasers (the gnome) and keep dancing around him - strafe in a circle, back and forth, just keep moving so you can dodge the rocket landings.

Gouge and stun him him a lot when he starts casting his lasers. The rockets keep damaging him while he's locked in place, but they won't break your gouge.

When Laser Gnome ports to a bubble run into it and take some time to let your recuperate roll, bandage if you need, all that jazz. When the bubble shrinks hit him with a gouge or a stun and start ducking out to avoid the incoming rocket barrage.

Mind Numbing poison and it's increased shiv effect does seem to work on slowing the rocket/laser casts, but regardless of this I used leeching and shived pretty much every time it was off cooldown to help in keeping my health up.

I used Prep for double cloak, leeching for heals, nerve strike (since combat readiness does nothing here I think), and dirty tricks for lots of free gouges. - all as mutilate btw, and I used the majority of my combo points for recup and stuns.

Now I just need to practice using this flashlight for Summoner :p
uhg, cant get battletron down. sucks real bad as a melee, his normal attacks deal too much damage.
Awesome guide, Mate!!
So basically its like the pet battles worst nightmare. Glad I am not participating and I appreciate your reinforcing my stance on this. Thanks!

Great post! Very helpful.
11/30/2012 06:27 AMPosted by Skilledham
uhg, cant get battletron down. sucks real bad as a melee, his normal attacks deal too much damage.

I have almost as much trouble with my 2 second starfires, i never get one off before I have to continue moving. I might go all haste for these fights.. hmm.

I have hardly had any tries of Epicus, but having an interupt with 1m cd makes it seem impossible. Gone are the days where i could go cat and skull bash one a minute as well.

Hope everyone is being successful!
I can't get past the Leper Gnome Quintet (5 BTW)
I usually run out of time as a bear or I die as a kitty.

They continue to add stacks on you up to 20 stacks and the ticks get incredibly hard.

I've lost several times, dunno how else to beat them.

Didn't notice them respawning at all.

Thanks for the guide!

Ashur, I'm not to sure what you can do but I might have a few suggestions.

Maybe try pick up typhoon and disorienting roar

From there, you can try take HoTW, and moonfire dot them all, with a wrath spam. NV has higher burst, but lower sustained. Since you have at least a minute: 20 on the gnomes you can take your time.

You could also go moonkin and just dot them all ;p - But even still, took me a while to bring them all down.
Should I just try and Gem/Enchant for highest DPS and forget about being able to take more hits?
11/30/2012 08:15 AMPosted by Bironside
Should I just try and Gem/Enchant for highest DPS and forget about being able to take more hits?

I'm going to say that, as far as I can tell, if you're not properly geared/specced as a dps class for almost all of these encounters you're going to have a bad time.

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