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I can't wait to try that out when they finally instance it.
12/06/2012 05:21 PMPosted by Ripley
Those are just some examples. Please put more effort into this.

Why don't you write a guide? Yea sure some of the abilities aren't listed. But for a quick guide to be put out so soon after Brawler's was even released, this is good enough. It helped me not die to a lot of fights. Sure I would have easily figured them out myself after a wipe, but it kept me from dying at all to a lot of bosses - which basically made me not have to sit in a 20 min Q just to do the same boss all over again.
Stuck on Battletron. No idea why I set mines off when my abilites are no where near them/pass through them. Fight could use some retuning.
12/06/2012 05:21 PMPosted by Ripley
I don't know why this is highly rated. It's a pretty weak guide to be honest. You don't even mention some of the major abilities and strategies to overcome them.

As Aisllyn said, (thank you) the guide was released shortly after the brawlers guild was released. I have had both positive and negative feed back so far. I Have also made many changes as recommended by comments.

If you have something you wish for me to change on the guide, I will do it, I will even special mention you if you desire.

I appologize for missed buffs/attacks/cooldowns/strategies in the guide.
I gotta say good job with the guide, keep up the good work. I finally got past the gnome quintet (hardest fight for me so far) I killed GG Engineering after 4 or 5 tries. Now the next difficult fight is the Dark Summoner.

The ghost don't kill me, I've done pretty good on them, but the summoner kills me.
Fight 30: Disruption - What is the target that needs to be killed? The object in the center of the room? Someone mentioned it may be the little roaming robot, but that just stuns you if you get close.
I'd just like to say thank you for this guide. I just got to rank 7, and a good bit of that has to do with the strats that were posted here. So, thanks.
Hey there... may you tell how you beat him on Frost?... For the life of me I cant pass him on either spec. I tried Frost and Fire with different armors, trinkets, flasks, food... I gave up:) My GS is 481. I went through the majority of the bosses with no big issues (except for Ixx). Deeken is a serious pain in the rear:)
utterly stuck on the rare bosses, so angry, just wanna get my title already!
I can't get past battletron it seems.. doing 70k dps but I always get stuck around 1.1M hp left.
i'm stuck on GG engineering, I'll stand around bo and max's rockets keep flying all over the room except where i'm standing -___-
11/29/2012 01:24 PMPosted by Habbub
recommend that you keep Yikkan CC'd as much as possible, as he hits like a truck

Found if you keep control of the crows, this guy hits like a girl. Too many crows up and I was getting pwned - pretty sure I wasn't killing 5 or more of them at once. Anyways, kill the crows, easy fight :o)
GG Engineers:

Go prot or healer spec and abuse the living crap out of the rockets (especially as a DK abuse Death Grip and Gorefiend's to make rockets hit both)

How I did Battletron as a 2h Frost DK-

Full raid buffs, food, flask and potions (prepot of 4k str, healing one of 120k (NOT brawlers guild ones))

Start fight with potion + Ghoul, Army following immediately

Burn as much as you can while orbs are still spawning, this is free dps time.

When 8th comes out, AMS, soak TWO and begin circling around the boss. Wait until you hit 50% hp to use Death Pact, which restores you to full. Cycle through AMS, AMZ, IBF WISELY (meaning get comfortable with knowing when he is going to lazer to get an extra absorb/reduction from each) - minimizing as much damage as possible to maintain full dps (use DPS cd's normally, aside from ERW, which you may want to save for later in case you need an extra DS)

After defensives are gone, rely on Healthstone and that handy 120k potion to keep you at a comfortable level (above 75%) - When you drop below 40-50% hp and everything is gone, begin swapping out some Oblit's with DS's (hopefully you will only need 1 or 2).

The beginning of the fight and rotating cd's / heals aside from Death Strike are crucial so you can delay using DS as much as possible (or never use it at all)

Some choose to use Lichborne on this, I preferred not to due to tight dps (although 107k ended up being overkill, lucky crits)

Finished fight with 107k DPS / 9700 HPS -- 491 iLvl


If you stay dead center of the strip, you can effectively go back and forth as he casts the purple rune on you, simple (abuse any aoe's you have to burn the eyes (getting them down in a timely manner is actually the hardest part of this fight))
when fighting fran and riddoh just target fran and kill him first the rest is cake after that
A guide to Disruptron as melee:
Make several attempts
Never get past 70%
Watch a ranged faceroll it with levitate
Cry in the corner
Fight 7 is the only thing I have problems with by the time i get Riddoh down i get about half way with Fran and the guy puts me down

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