Soloing rares.

Hello fellow warriors. I am looking for advice on soloing rares in Pandaria. Would a prot spec be best? I've had trouble with my few attempts at soloing some of these guys. Any advice as far as spec or strategy would be much appreciated! Thanks! /salute
I'm a Prot spec warrior. I've downed all Pandaria rares except for two in Vale of Eternal Blossoms. And of the ones I've downed, I soloed every rare outside of Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Use all your interrupts (we have quite a few), and be mobile. Start with the lower level Pandaria zones like Jade Forest to get an easy introduction to each type of fight you will encounter so you can learn what to avoid, where to move and what to interrupt. As a prot spec, it's all about timing of interrupts and movement.
Full disclosure: haven't done any rares yet on my warrior, but on my other 90s I've done quite a few and most of them are pretty easy, just don't stand in crap and run away from their big hitters (most of which are pretty telegraphed, or interruptable).

Make sure to use Enraged Regen/Impending Victory if you need to. Also I echo what Hrorek said, try to find some of the lower level ones so you can get a feel for how each race acts and what you need to do to deal with them.

A few tips:
Pandaren - Make absolutely sure you interrupt Healing Mists or the fight will take forever.
Saurok - When he vanishes, run away to avoid the Ambush.
Hozen - Avoid the bananarangs and jumps, that !@#$ hurts.
Yaungol - Avoid the stomp, otherwise probably the easiest as far as I can tell.
Jinyu - Don't interrupt Water Bolt, save it for...the other one whose name I can't remember (not Rain Dance or whatever, that's uninterruptable).
I've killed all rares except the new ones because that whole area feels like I'm going to catch a venereal disease.

Just spec Second Wind, sit in Defensive Stance and dodge/interrupt/stun the abilities.
Prot works fine, but it will not let you ignore mechanics. If I am intentionally hunting rares I go arms.
Pandas: Heroic Leap out, charge in to interrupt Spinning Kick (depending on your latency this can kill you by having you get inside the kick before the stun hits), then Pummel the heal. Else, simply run from the spinning kick, then pummel/charge once it's done.

Saurok: When he vanishes, AoE immediately. He'll just pop back up and you can go back to killing him.

Hozen: Side-step bananarangs, run away then charge in for Going Bananas.

Yaungol: Hamstring on Bellowing Rage, walk out of stomp.

Jinyu: Spell Reflect Water Bolt, Pummel Torrent, Heroic Leap > Charge Rain Dance.

Mogu Warrior: Stay out of Cleave, AoE down Quillen for Victory Rush procs.

Mogu Caster: Spell Reflect/Pummel Shadow Bolt, and when Void Cloud starts to cast, heroic leap away, wait out the cast, then immediately charge back in (the purple goes on wherever you're standing at the end of the cast time, so being far away from the dude when it goes off is good news).
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Just spec Second Wind, sit in Defensive Stance and dodge/interrupt/stun the abilities.
What he said.
If you have second wind there really won't be any issues. If you see them using any attacks that aren't interrupt-able just get some distance and see how the attack works so you can hopefully dodge it and prepare for it the next time he uses it again. Interrupt any moves that sound like healing moves. That's about all I do when I fight rares. Also Shockwave can help a lot since it's a stun on a pretty short CD.
Battle Stance, Fury, Kill them faster then they can use their abilities. Done all the rares solo including the new ones.
What rares are you guys talking about here? im a little lost..where are these rares at and what do they drop?? anything worthwhile or what is the real point an achievment for each one?? goin to check out google and forum brb
one more thing guys what is a good addon to show where the rares are?? anyone knkwo
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one more thing guys what is a good addon to show where the rares are?? anyone knkwo

Pandaren rare spawns

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