Mage PvE Professions Engi vs Tailoring

Im looking to get out of Jewelcrafting, since usually Jewelcrafters get the shaft when the final tier of gems come out, and the benefit of our JC-only gems begins to offer us less of a stat increase over other professions.

I would like to choose between Engineering for the Synapse Springs, and Tailoring for the Lightweave Embroidery. Engineering has long been thought to be the "PvP profession", but it obviously offers some decent PvE capabilities as well.

I was leaning towards Synapse Springs because it is on use, which would allow me to better line it up with my Combustion bursts. However, the CD is 1 minute, and the proc is 1920 Intellect.

Lightweave is appartently on a 45 second ICD (confirm?) and offers 2000 Intellect. Assuming the proc chance on Lightweave will trigger before 15 seconds, would it not offer the higher average Intellect increase over Synapse Springs?

I also heard that Synapse Springs can not be triggered with other On Use trinkets (confirm?). That is a big sticking point with me, as my goal would obviously be to stack as much burst into my Combustions as possible.

What are your thoughts and experiences? Provide math if you would like. That would be more helpful than just "I use lightweave and it procs all the time!"

Also, do any PvE Mages find the other tools of Engineering helpful in raid encounters?
If you get the cloak enchant, you also lose the 180 constant from normal enchant, thus balancing it out. I like engineering better just due to the fact the utility is great. Repair bots, mailboxes, nitro boost, springs. It is a very good profession at the moment.

And yes, despite what people say, nitro boosts are extremely helpful in encounters and can allow you to get more uptime on the boss if you use it right. They backfire rarely, I've never had an issue with it during an encounter.

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