How to install addons onto Ubuntu linux

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Here you go guys xD

OK first,Install the addon.I do not ever use the archive..Then once its done installing I extract it into the Downloads folder..

Second I go into my Home directory(Home folder) Ctrl H or Click the view tab at the top left of the screen and click Show Hidden files.

Third Click .Wine folder then go into DosDevices folder,Then click on the C: Folder which may or may not be on the left.Then click Program files.Then click the world of warcraft files..Go into the interface folder then the Addons folder.

Fourth go back into the Downloads folder you first extracted the addon folder in..Copy the addon folder you extracted into downloads and paste it into the WoW Addons folder.. Then your done..
Log into wow and turn on your addon then your done :) Enjoy..

I've posted this through out many forum threads..Not to spam but to make sure that many of the linux users can get there addons for raiding,pvp,and ect.I want more people to enjoy the linux os for wow because once you get into linux you realize that it is infact much better than windows...Also if you have other methods in installing the addons onto ubuntu or other linux OPerating systems the please post here!
11/29/2012 10:00 PMPosted by Maryjaine
Log into wow and turn on your addon then your done

where do i do this??
Thanks so much, I just came across this, and I haven't done this yet. I'm struggling to download WoW on my Ubuntu.

But if and once I download WoW, I'll need to download addons, so I'll report back if this works or not!

Once again, thanks for the post!
I can't find my wow folder! I looked in the places you directed, and it isn't there :(
ok i figured out what she is saying here are the instructions for Playonlinux

/home/yourname/PlayOnLinux's virtual drives/WorldOfWarcraft/drive_c/Program Files/World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns < move the folders to this folder < all done you should be set.!

Have fun
Any ideas how to add the TweetCraft Addon in Linux? Normally I use the ICurse Linux client but I can't seem to get it installed with that so I think i need to do it manually. I tried extracting the addon archive to my addons folder, but it extracts a Windows installer file, which doesn't seem to do anything by itself.
wowmatrix runs on linux. By the looks of it, they now host their own addons, and give full credit to the authors etc and have cleaned up their act.
Thank you, Maryjaine. I've been struggling with this for a couple of weeks. My addons were all in the WINE folder, and WERE working before the latest patch. All I did was copy over the Addons folder from my old Windows install, log in, and like magic, my addons work again. THANK YOU!!!

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