I need Brawlers Guild help

I am offspec Shadow, mainspec Healing I've managed to scrape through to rank 7 onto the Dark Summoner, but I am bad.

I had to beat the GG Engineers as Discipline. Has anyone gotten far as Shadow and would be able to carry me with info.

I understand my gear isn't the greatest but it doesn't seem out of reach, would anyone have any tips for dpsing down the ghost that spawn with him? I fall behind and eventually get smacked by a ghost for 500k.

I feel like the constant need to move makes this way to difficult for me
Honestly I would just give it a week or so. There will be detailed videos uploaded soon on the easiest way to beat the bosses.

Other than that I can't help you cause I'm not paying 100k for an invite.
For Dark summoner, I did it as shadow. So I cant help with disc PoV

For shadow spec, you just start off by giving yourself hots, PoM shield etc, since the boss is immune. As soon as the first ghost appears, just shine the light beam onto it and nuke it down. You can still damage it even without the beam of light on it. Once its down, the boss will be vulnerable for a while. Then unload all DPS CDs on it, till the next ghost spawns. Dot the ghost up and Continue nuking boss till he becomes immune again. At this point just finish off the ghost and continue on boss.

Now the ghosts should spawn more frequently now. Do not multi dot them. Instead you start kiting, since the ghosts move slow. Psyfiend may work on the ghosts but I never tried. From this point onwards just kite and nuke boss, and kill the closest ghost when the boss is close to immune again. Since there is a lot of kiting, you might wanna pick up Proc based talents, though ToF is also an excellent choice. Pro tip is to save the procs for the ghosts, especially when boss is about to become immune.

Fight should be over sooner than you think. I think my kill only involved killing the ghost 4 times, one of which was completely redundant.
I managed to do it, I had some issues though shadowform was making the flashlight almost invisible for me
HALP BATTLETRON TOO HARD, I don't think I can do 30k more dps to get a kill
just beat battletron.

My tactic? completely ignore the orbs and PoM/renew/Desperate Prayer/VE/Shield to heal/mitigate the explosion damage. Good idea for this fight is to plan your cooldowns such as Desperate Prayer/VE so that they DONT overheal, or overheal as little as possible. For example pop VE just when im on low health and about to cast a 3orb DP, preferably combine it with a second pot or Power Infusion if you've talented into it.
Sup prelude. Also stuck in battletron =/
I think I might just not have enough gear for it, closest I got him was 100k Using this strat, but I died to the enrage and I was able to repeat it, but I think it was strings of great procs and those procs crit. 72-77k dps were my best attempts as well as 20khps or about 2 million healing
I had to beat the GG Engineers as Discipline.

How did you beat GG as Disc? Was the rocket damage from the other guy + smite/penance enough to kill?
Yes it was plenty, I only did 26k dps
Just posting to say I am still unable to kill this boss, closest attempt was still that 100k @ enrage death, I feel like my gear should be enough, but its health is far too much for me to overcome. I found that I need to get really good luck with procs. Using this method you need to do about 80k DPS sustained and 20k HPS which is achievable but you also need to be lucky and not explode all of them in quick succession. Good luck to anyone that tries this as a priest and doesn't have access to the highest tiers of gear and/or full buffs.
Update 2, many attempts later without changing anything, managed to pull 82k dps for the kill albeit rolling firewall heading at me, but a win is a win

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