[A] Destro Lock LF RBGs

Bleeding Hollow
I am currently looking for a 1900+ RBG team to push ratings that needs a lock or wants to run double lock.

A few ground rules:
*I WILL NOT join your guild. If you are wanting a full guild group then perhaps I could pug when your main lock doesn't show and still not join your guild.
*I AM NOT looking for a group full of drama queens that rage or ones that give up after a loss.
*I WANT a team that is competent & communicates when calling out their CC, etc.
*I WANT a team that plays 2-3+ nights a week pushing ratings.

Class/spec: Destruction Warlock

RBG Experience: 1925

Current RBG Rating: 1908

Time/Day available: evening

Communication: I have both Skype & Vent.

Other info: I am not a FotM Destro player. I will continue to keep this post's information up to date.

Whisper me or send me in game mail if you are interested.
11/30/2012 12:43 AMPosted by Lucyornyu
I am not a FotM Destro player

Might as well be. Destro before MoP is nothing like the Destro we know now lol.

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