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Currently looking for a Core Position in a Guild to raid current content on normal mode, and to then progress into HM. Currently I'm 6/6 MV Experience with HM 5/6 Experience, 3/6 HoF and 4/4 ToEs keeping in mind this was done with PuGs. Looking for a Guild with a solid Core, who want to push progression, and people who are dedicated Raiders. Would be raiding in each and every spec, depending on what the group need, and I come in as quiet geared already (iLev 491). Wanting to be Raiding 3-4 Raid Nights a week, mainly Weekdays, and 9 EST onwards would be preferable. Willing to transfer servers.

- Prodigy
Would you be willing to Transfer realms? My guild has some spots open as we are waiting for Other raid members to xfer to Thaurissan
we raid in a GMT+8 zone from the server time on thaurrisan of 9pm-12am Weds/thurs and sundays
Yes willing to transfer. 10 or 25 man raiding?

Is your guild looking for a rogue by any chance?
485 6/6 MSV / 4/6 HoF with knowledge of all fights.

Did HM DS / FL full clear when it was relevant

pst me in game if you're interested

The second raid group in Phantasmagoria on Barthilas are currently seeking a cute Mage who can also melt faces.

Our current progression is:
MSV: 6/6 N, 1/6H
HoF: 3/6 N

We raid:
Wed/Thur/Sun from 8 - 11ST.

Let me know if you're interested!
Hey Prodigy - Interested in having a chat to you about a raiding spot if you are interested...

For more information please visit our website:
Let me know if our times are suitable for you mate.

< Catalyst > is an established World of Warcraft endgame raiding guild that focuses on hardmode and progression content. We are an Aus / Nz Horde guild based on the Oceanic US-Frostmourne server.
We are currently looking directly for one of the following skilled and experienced players in order of preference:

Mage Dps ~



Our raiding roster is as follows:
Wed / Thurs / Sun 8:30pm - 11:30pm server time - AEST GMT+10 during DLST.
Preference: Mature english speaking Aus / Nz locale players

Currently: 16/16NM 1/6H


If interested please feel free to contact me at:

or feel free to lodge a formal application on our forums at:
Still looking for a Guild, as said 9 EST Onwards, also looking for a Guild which is evenly progressed with myself. Any questions about previous raiding experience, please feel free to ask.

- Prodigy
@Prodigy Yea we are 5/16 NM Progression and Still progressing and it's 10 man raiding :)
@Lóckblock we Currently have a rogue Filled spot, If Prõdigy Joins us we will be looking for 1 tank and 3 Healers and if he Doesn't we will still be looking for a DPS :/
Hey Prodigy,

we raid 11pm - 2am AEST GMT +10

I have been away overseas the whole end of 2012 (missed the MoP release) and tried to get our 10man back up to speed when i got back end of November. But it was too late....

I am rebuilding the 10man again, already have about 7 solid players. Five of which are old core come back. We cleared HM DS at 10% and HM FL as well. The last week of raiding (my 3rd back from trip overseas) we cleared 16/16 in 2 nights.

I currently need a mage with skills in all specs, due to blizzards innate ability to change each one on a whim. Also with the 5.2 changes inc.

So if you wana chat, hit me up.
Heya Prodigy,

If you're still looking for a new home, check us out at :-

< TRIBO > has been a progression raiding guild on Nagrand for 4 years and counting. We are a mature PVE Raiding Guild that is consistently one of the most progressed on Nagrand. Almost all of our members are in their 20's and 30's and the majority are from Southeast Asia and Western Australia, with a few hailing from the US.

Tribo's first and foremost focus is 25man raiding 4 hours per night 3 nights a week on Wed, Thurs, and Sun from 11pm-3am Oceanic Server Time (EST) (10pm to 2am when DST is NOT active).

Current progressions is 14/16N, 1/16H.
Hey Prodigy

Illumination of Thaurissan [Horde] is currently looking for a Mage. We are currently 2/16hm. I'd be more than happy to discuss it further with you if you would like to add me on ancient.diablos[at] If you would like more information on who we are please feel free to browse our recruitment thread at

Best of luck in ur adventures and hope to talk soon.
Hi Prodigy

<Carebears> of Frostmourne is currently recruiting for a mage. We raid 7pm-10pm GMT+8 (10pm-1am EST) on Thursday and Sunday. Monday night we also usually do a HoF gear farm.

Currently 16/16normals and first 3HM's in MSV cleared. Will be working on Spirit Kings and Elegon tonight.

We're mainly Aussies with a couple of yanks thrown in. If you enjoy casual raiding with good progression, please visit our site and apply.
<Ctrl Alt Elitè>(Khaz'Goroth) is recruiting!

About Us
We are a newly formed 25 man raiding guild. Most of us have 3/16 heroic kills on 10man raids. We just decided to go back to 25man for a different challenge. Our raid times are Wed/Thu/Sat/Mon* at 930pm (GMT +8) or 1230am server time. Monday raids are scheduled if we are close to a kill and need that extra push.

Who are we looking for?
Anyone who is exceptionally interested and ready to commit to raid in a 25 man environment. We are currently looking for more DPS to bolster our roster with an exceptional interest in warriors, boomkins and shadow priests.

Who to contact?
You can apply at or simply add ProdigyLoy#1652 or Errza#1192 on battletag for more information.

Thank you for reading this and hope to see you in game. Cheers!
Hey prodigy, I need a Mage for our range dps, currently at 6/6N MSV 2/6N HoF
I'm leading the 2nd raid group for Dark Hand would love for you to join us.
We raid Thursday and Saturday , 10.30-11.00pm start time and till late. Looking to gear the remaining team up before we move on to rest of HoF and toes.
MSG me in game if you're interested


Druid, shaman

8-11 EST M/W/Th 10m

We are looking for 1 exceptional dps to fill our core group.

Paid exfer! beergut123#1238
<Blue Label> of Barthilas is a Horde, 25man Oceanic raiding guild that has been around since the Burning Crusade. We are focused on progressing through the Mists of Pandaria raids while having fun doing so.

We are currently recruiting for all classes with the exception of Boomkins/SPriest/Rogues/Warriors.

Our current progression are, as of 22/01/13:

6/6(H) MSV
3/6(H) HoF
4/4(N) ToES

Our raid times are:

Wed/Thur/Sun/Mon 730-11pm ST (GMT+10)

If you are interested in joining Blue Label, don't hesitate to apply at

Experience in current content for heroic is a plus but not essential as we believe a decent raider can pick it up swiftly.

If you have any other questions, you can add me on Battletag (Naixia#1121) or pst Hanul in-game.
<Intemperate> on Frostmourne Alliance raids Wed/Thur/Sun 8-11:30 and is looking for a mage for a core spot. We are currently 2/6HM MSV 6/6 HOF and 4/4 Terrace. Contact me on Battletag @ Argantis#1524 or reply here and we can speak further.

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