Mage LF Core Position

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Endless Fury of Nagrand alliance is looking for a healer to round out our roster in our core team.

Raid Times - Server Time
Thursday: 7.30 - 10.30pm
Sunday: 7.30 - 10.30pm Monday: 7.30 - 10.30pm

Check out our recruitment thread here if you would like to read more comprehensive information about us:
Or hit me up on Battletag Xeniwind#1143 or on Nagrand (look for any 'Xen' toon in EF) for a chat.

If you're interested please visit our website, register and apply.
Bump, took a bit of a break, but wanting to seriously getting back into it!
We are still in need of a mage if your willing to come over to Alliance and Server xfer. Our raid times have changed to Wed/Sun/Mon 8:00 - 11:30

Let me know if your interested, Argantis#1524
Hey Aramae, unfortunately the time is a bit to early for me to make. Best of luck finding your mage :). Still looking for a Guild!
Mate, look no further then us!

We are a great bunch of raiders, all nice people and into steady Heroic Raiding.

Send us an application of speak to us in game.

We are over on BARTHILAS and we are a +8GMT guild.

Speak with either Haigui, Tchaikovsky or even myself to get the ball rolling.

Cheers mate! Really hope to hear from you!
Bump :).
Would love to chat to you.

Add Wolf#1648

Or contact anyone in the guild <Hax> from Frostmourne :)
Added, looking forward to chatting with you!
Focused @ Frostmourne currently seeking a mage.

wowprogress us for our latest progress.

Have no mage would love to have one :D

add me: maizoku#1321, or message anyone from focused

visit for more details :D
Hey Prodigy,

we're 5/16 HM guild (Frostmourne Horde)

if u'r looking for late night raid guild

can try us

wed, thurs, sunday/monday : 12 AM SVT- 3.30 AM SVT

we need both mage and lock

feel free to add starsz#1581
Hey Starsz, sorry mate times are a bit to late for me, good luck in your recruitment but!
Forgot to add in my post,

Focused @ Frostmourne

6/6 H Msv
3/6 H HoF
0/4 H ToES

Raid Wed/thur/sun/mon 8~11pm

Seems you haven't found a home for quite a while now.
Ten bucks says its a troll thread
Not a troll thread, just finding it hard to find a Guild which has suitable times for myself, a lot are to early or much to late >.<.
<Frequency> on Dath'remar is a 10 man guild. Currently Recruiting a mage for a core position !!

Progression: 16/16 Normal 5/6 heroic MsV 3/6 heroic HoF

Raid Times: Wed/Thur/Sun 8:20pm to 12 , We will add additional days/hours during progression to get kills.


Battle Tag: Antagqt#1628

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