can anyone enchant my staff

i heard since i dont have enchanting someone could for me itd be appreciated a alot i dont have much items to offer but i have gold thank you if anyone does =]
Considering that only an enchanter on your server could do it, you might want to cross-post on the Wyrnrest Accord forum.
Getting an enchant for a level 44 druid is not really worth it and not really required. Some will get it for the weapon enchant glow or maybe for PvP.

Trust me. Just by leveling and questing, you will find a replacement quick.
You should be leveling fast enough, thus replacing your weapon often enough, that it really isn't worth your time to enchant your weapons. The improvement in dps will hardly be noticable.

If you are determined however, go to your faction auction house (AH). Under Consumables | Item Enhancement (?) you should find enchants that individuals have placed onto vellums and scrolls, usable by anyone. I would recommend searching for "weapon", which should filter the results for you.
Or ask someone in your guild. The will usually be someone nice enough no matter how random the roster.

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