[H] Trying to get wknd challenge grp going

Want to get a dungeon challenge mode group going for either Saturday and or Sunday during daytime with my bear tank. I've already done a few on bronze, looking to get em all silver and hopefully a few or ALL gold :)
And I'm willing to supply invis pots.

I'm a capable tank. Raiding well into HoF right now. So what I expect from others and of myself:
-Capable and also play with a degree of seriousness to actually make progress
-At the same time not being an elitest jerk and actually like to have fun too
-And most importantly of all show up when you agree to and do so on time

Leave a reply to this thread if interested.
I would love to join you I have this toon which is getting more gear as I switched back to her (she was my main for 6 years but haven't raided on her yet) or I have a 482ilvl hunter which is 6/6mv and 2/6 hof which can also go.

Hunter - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/hyjal/Caffe%C3%ACne/advanced
Cool! Thx for response, sent you an in game mail to your hunter.
I actually didnt recieve any mail on my hunter, I did my priest the I in my hunters name is alt 141

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