[H] <Rejected> T/W LF 1 R Heals / 3 DPS

Area 52
For our Tuesday/Wedsnesday 10 Man Progression Raid Group

Currently LF 1 Non Shaman / Paladin Raid Heals, and 3 DPS

Raid Days and Times

Tuesday & Wednesday & Sunday (if deemed appropriate for additional practice)

10:45 PM ST: Invites Start
11:00 PM ST: Raid Begins
2:00 AM ST: Raid Ends

Current Roster Positions without a class listed are open for tryout*

Tank #1 - Protection / Fury OS
Tank #2 - Feral Guardian

Heals #1 - Resto / Ele Shaman OS
Heals #2 - Holy Paladin
Heals #3 -

DPS #1 - Destro / Affliction Warlock
DPS #2 - Elemental Shaman
DPS #3 -
DPS #4 -
DPS #5 -

Interested in obtaining one of these positions? Either post on this thread or whisper any guild member and ask to speak with an officer.
Was curious if you were still looking for a frost dk. current ilvl is at 487. send me a tell if you have any interest.
Enh Shaman (475 ilvl)

Currently on a different server but I am looking to transfer off of my low-population server anyway.
I approve this post
immediate openings for 2 non-shaman rdps
Currently LF 1 Non Shaman/Mage RDPS PST if interested in tryout status*

Boss that were currently working on : Megaera

In addition to tryout status, raider will be tested on their raid awareness based on the current progression fight : Dying to cinders or acid rain for example, is not accepted.

(*Tryout status based on knowing the fight from a combination including but not limited to:
watching a video, reading the dungeon journal / online raid guides. )
immediate opening for one non-shaman/mage RDPS!!
I would be interested in filling that final rdps spot (488 ilvl Survival). I have a few crappy pieces left to replace, but am working diligently on doing so. Message me ingame if you're interested.

I am sorry Risino, I am currently only looking for people who have our current or higher progression down and not completely fresh to the entire MoP Raiding scene.

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