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Anyone else having a ton of trouble with this guy?

I can avoid his cone attack well enough, but he is killing me with his auto attack before I can get him down.

I watched a druid do it really well as feral, but he was healing. A DK and a paladin had no trouble at all.

Im getting pummeled into mush. My pet holds no agro at all on any of these bosses, which i think is intended since we should not rely completely on our pets. However, i have seen a warlocks pets hold agro really well.

Is there a better strat for hunters on this guy?
This is who I'm on, except that on my server the q is broken and it keeps putting the next person in the middle of the ongoing battle like 10 seconds or less into it.

I only tried him once before, prior to this... bug..., when I found out about his cone for the first time lol. My next plan was snare him in one corner, go nuts, as he came over, mirror image( you can FD to your pet i suppose) and keep on burning w/ everything. I had him at like 500k when i just let him walk up to me like a nub, that's when he smashed me >.<
My problem is I dont ahve any snares with the range of a mage. I can daze him and trap him, but hes still coming at me and the cone takes up a large area. Ive tried back peddaling while he is frost trapped and dazed, but it seems his cone still reaches way far. So unless I am right under him, I cant seem to really work him down. I wish my pet could hold threat on him even for 10 seconds.
Brawler's guild looks like jaywilsoned content. They hotfix the fights everyday, making the wrong decisions, and breaking the game even more.

But I guess it's something that worked in Cataclysm: Release a huge failure and you will have reason to deny any suggestion of repeat the same mistakes again.
I am also a hunter that is stuck on Ixx :(

Unfortunately, I do not have amazing gear, but it shouldn't be so annoying for my pet to keep aggro. Even when he has the shortest aggro, he gets beat down to nothing and dies. Then he's on me, hurting me severely. I can't heal without my spirit bond pet, and can only use a potion so often :/

Is BM not the best way to go with this? D:
I'm a fire Mage stuck on Ixx. What snare is this you speak of for mages? Ixx appears to not be stunnable by Combustion or anything similar.
i killed him as a fire mage by running striaght to a corner, popping pets (and CD's) and scorch running all the way to the other corner, i had enoguh time for a few fireballs once i get there, but then i ran scorch circles around him, when he casted again, i run(or blink through if im the wrong side, to the other corner again, but alter timed back. Still took me a health pot and cold snap to stay alive.
not the most geared of mages, I almost failed the yeti dps check, going balls to the wall i managed to kill him as I got killed by enrage
Blood DK stuck on Ixx. I know he's not supposed to be able to do this, but he does it anyways: He'll cast his Devastating Thrust in one direction, which I run through him to avoid, then cancels that cast just before it finishes and does a 180 and casts it again. I can't react fast enough because of the super-wide hit area that it has. When he graciously decides not to use this sneaky tactic, and I avoid Devastating Thrust properly (by running through him and being on the other side of him when it casts) he decides that it hits me anyways.

Ixx has decided "screw the rules, I have a bulbing protrusion" and always hits me with Devastating Thrust even when I am nowhere near the hit area. Of course, he isn't the only mob I have this issue with... The Horde Champion of Arms always hits me with his straight line cast, even when I'm beside or behind him. Blizzard really needs to work on fixing their collision detection.

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