Tired of bots in your BGs?

so you've been running BGs and are getting frustrated with losing match after match as your side seems to have loads of bots. well, there is a solution that we've been using for months in publicvent.

it's called oQueue.

1. download & install oQueue (unzip, restart wow, type /oq)
2. hit the 'find mesh' button on the find-premade
3. join or create a premade
4. queue up and enjoy the BGs again

oQueue implements a social mesh network which enables premade information to pass around to everyone connected to the mesh. once you receive the information, you can wait-list for the premade directly with the premade organizer

i haven't put it on curse... yet. for now, it's on my site as i update it a few times a week with various requests from users. there is a zip file and a self-extractor (targeting c:\program files(x86)\world of warcraft\interface\addons). if your wow is in a different folder, you'll need to 'browse' to the addons folder manually.

Ron from RageWhispers.com has also kindly put together some instructional videos

  • Getting Started http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wIQmjKczb4
  • Joining a premade http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwWeCFzmMuU

if you have any questions, find me in vent (my nick is 'tiny')

oQueue: solidice.com/oqueue
vent: wow.publicvent.org : 4135

enjoy !


The more people use it, the better it gets as there will be more groups. Please, download it and make a better BG experience for everyone.
I've been running the best random BGs of my life last night, and the group even evolved into an RBG group later on.

Note: It uses battletags, so your friend list will get quite populated.
Blizzard has acknowledged that bots are a problem, it just seems like not much action is taken to counter it. In the meantime, this is a spectacular solution that not only eliminates the bot problem, but also makes you more likely to win, making your BG experience much more enjoyable overall.
Did some battlegrounds just to kill bots. Alas. None were to be found.
What's stopping bots from downloading and installing this addon?

In other words, what guarantees does the new queuing system have in place that it simply won't devolve into the current one, as more people connect to the "mesh"?
Am I the only one who has never encountered more than two bots at once?

I feel like I am.
12/03/2012 08:39 AMPosted by Alibor
Am I the only one who has never encountered more than two bots at once?

I've encountered as many as two on each team.

The thing, though, is that bots rarely make or break the game, unless it's a super close match. They just get blamed for the general suckage of other players on the team.
If a bot tries to use oQueue, his premade teammates will notice quickly enough and he will get kicked and reported.

And even if only two bots are in a BG team, they take the place of two possibly competent players who would be enough to change the fate of a BG. And when you factor in the suckiness of other players, it adds up to lots of frustrating BGs and a slow gearing up.

oQueue makes you certain there are at least 5 competent players, using voice communication most of the time, in the group. It makes all the difference in the world. And oQueue can also be used to find people decent people for RBG groups, which I think we can all agree is particularly difficult to do on Ravenholdt Alliance.
Yea, it's basically OpenRaid for premades.

I just think that "no bots in your BGs" is false advertisement, because it doesn't guarantee that the players who are not part of your premade will not be bots.

Still, it sounds like a useful PuG tool.
It guarantees five players aren't bots and know roughly what they're doing. Therefore rendering the presence or absence of bots inconsequential(most of the time).
I was in a battleground were the consensus was that bots would have improved our play. /Sigh.

Have not PvPed much since MoP started, that was a surprise.

No bots yet, though I got on some very, very good teams that obviously carried me.
12/02/2012 11:43 AMPosted by Shahad
Blizzard has acknowledged that bots are a problem, it just seems like not much action is taken to counter it.

It may honestly be that Blizzard just doesn't know how to break them this time. Either that, or we'll see a massive ban wave in say January. I remember when I joined the game back in the good ol' days (I miss you, classic and BC) that was the practice. Learn about the bot, break it, and massive ban waves.
That is quite possible. Bots, like all software, become more and more complex and efficient over time. Have they become so complex that Blizzard is left unable to break them? Only time will tell.

Still, I'm having loads of fun grouping with four other competent players and winning BGs. Don't have to deal with brain dead teammates for a change. Although, I won't lie, sometimes it happens the other ten players(dare I say, brain dead monkeys) in AB offset us and the victory is really close.
12/04/2012 08:11 AMPosted by Lukar
we'll see a massive ban wave

I'd bet money that they're just preparing for another of these.
Actually, I'm tired of players in my BGs. Dammit, give me all bots except for me!
I've actually seen bots do more for a BG than actual players. So I can understand you position :P

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