Carrion Swarm = Nonsense!

Haayt: you might just have had a weird bug with your leap. I've never had an issue with leap in DA. Except that I think they changed how a straight jump leap works...used to be able to jump, Leap when falling to get height, then Leap again to get distance. Doesn't seem to work anymore. But I've never had it activate Meta unless I use a /cancelform or something.

As far as Carrion Swarm? I just have Meta tied to an easy hotkey, and since it doesn't trigger the GCD I can just hit Meta then Swarm. What you might want is:

#showtooltip Carrion Swarm
/cast [mod:shift] !Metamorphosis
/cast Carrion Swarm
/cancelform [mod:shift]

which will cast Carrion Swarm in Meta/DA, or if you're in Caster form and holding Shift, put you into Meta just long enough to Carrion Swarm, and pop out immediately. It will trigger the Stance cooldown though.

edit: the last line might need to be
/cancelaura [mod:shift] Metamorphosis
Well, not sure what I was smoking, but just tested and Leap won't take me out of DA, and my old macro sure doesn't work on a single press. I suppose since interrupting was vital I probably naturally spam clicked on the button from sheer urgency.

That macro only makes the economy of a keybind, right? Considering the 'mod:shift'. Apart from that, it's the same as a common Carrion Swarm hotkey. Thing is, I already have a bunch of these modifiers. The problem is not really to make economy, the problem is to press two buttons or twice when we could just press one like Leap.

Well, I don't think there's a macro that would work like Leap. People posted a bunch, but none really worked. Probably because of the requirement itself, forcing to wait until it can verify Meta is up to finally cast CW.

Would be a simple change. Blizz should do it.

Btw, it's an interrupt part of a global, since the global itself works as a control, would only make it easier to simply press it to go Meta and interrupt/knockback.

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