[H-RP/PvP] The Stormhoof Tribe Introduction

Emerald Dream
Two Years Prior

Chief Tiponi walked along the dusty road, his satchel full, and his armor weighing him down. The past two years had been tough on the Tribe. They had roamed the Thousand Needles, always running from the centaur threat, but happy none the less before the change came.. The Stormhoof Tribe had lasted many generations, and there would be many more to come.

The Chief had heard of Thunder Bluff, the great city built by Cairne Bloodhoof. The stories told of towering mesas, where the tribes had finally gathered together. No more wandering. No more running. Some had said that the centaurs had been wiped out. Others spoke of green skinned monsters who assisted Chief Bloodhoof. And still others spoke of the Shu'halo allying themselves with many races to fight pink skinned beings.

None of this had mattered to the warrior in the days of the Thousand Needles. They had been nomads, their entire lives. They roamed freely among the high mesas and deep valleys. Though the Tribe was small, it was family. And they avoided all that may pass them. It had always been safer that way. Stay out of sight of the enemy.

And everyone was an enemy.

Prior to the flooding, the Stormhoof had visited Freewind Post. Some of the Tribe had decided to stay.

The warrior sighed. Had they been killed by the Grimtotems? Why did he let them stay when he knew the way of the Stormhoof was wandering?

Tiponi stopped, looking ahead, seeing the city that he had thought he would never see. The few that had managed to escape the flooding gathered around him. The Chief shielded his eyes with his large, leathery hands.

"Friends, there it is," Tiponi stated, matter of factly. "Soon to be our new home."

But there was no joy in his voice. As he continued to remember, he knew the Tribe's way of life had changed. So quickly. So horribly. The flood had come without warning. They had run, attempting to scale any mesa's they could. Many had lost their lives to the flood. Families had been torn apart.

Children. Infants. Tiponi closed his eyes, trying now to forget the losses. Those lost were with the Earthmother.

Those that had made it began their trek to Feralas, to Camp Mojache. These Shu'halo were kind, helping the Stormhoof to regroup. They tended to the wounded, supplied new clothing, and fed the Tribe. Shiacu managed to survive as well. A good friend to Tiponi, the two had set about preparing for the journey to Thunder Bluff.

The Chief snapped back from the memory and looked at his Tribe. Some had stayed in Camp Mojache, to continue to assist the refugees. The others were here with him.

"We are almost there friends. Let us continue on. You will rest soon," the warrior shouted.

How long will it last? he wondered as the group began to move. How long will they be able to rest?


The Stormhoof Tribe is a new, level 1 guild, accepting only to Tauren characters. The goal is to foster Tauren RP while adhering to the lore that is given to us by Blizzard. Roleplay will be our main focus, developing both large and small story arcs, as well as contributing to the realm with open roleplay events. We will partake in PvP and PvE when we desire, but they both will take a backseat to the RP. We are seeking members who are interested in Roleplay, and are accepting of both new and old RPers. Our founding members wish to assist in RP on the realm in any way possible, so feel free to contact us. We are always looking for other groups to RP with, both Horde side and Alliance Side.

Now, let me answer some questions:

What is the joining process?

We require a website application followed by an in character interview. Our reasoning for that is to make sure the person joining us want to truly be a part of our RP. We will accept most anyone, but we do not want to fill the guild with alts that will never be played.

Is there a minimum level to join?

Indeed there is. You must have reached level 20 on most classes, or level 65 on death knights to join the Tribe. Again, to avoid throw away toons from joining.

I don't know anything about Tauren Lore, can I still join?

Of course you can. I have been playing Tauren for many years now, and am more than happy to help new players to Tauren with their backstorys, or general knowledge. Don't let the fear of not knowing be a deterrent.

Alright then, where do I begin?

Head over to stormhooftribe.enjin.com to fill out an application, and feel free to whisper me with any questions.
((Good luck, Tiponi!))
Two years ago, a world was shattered.

Two years ago, the Earthmother was changed.

Two years ago, a family was scattered.

Shiacu knelt in Camp Mojache, putting his belongings back in his bag. The Tauren slumped the leather bag over his shoulder and nodded towards the Chieftan.

Shiacu, Tiponi, and the others that survived the flood began their long journey to the fabled Thunder Bluff. Free of the Centaur threat, free of the flood.

As they walked, they glanced around at each other. They knew that each Shu'halo in the tribe were tired and longed for more time to grieve their losses. They were glances of reassurance. Reassuring that in the future, the Earthmother will bless them for enduring the hardships she'd given them.

Shiacu turned his head towards Chieftan Tiponi. He stood at the front of the group, leading the way as a Chieftan should.

The Shu'halo remembred his fallen tribesman and looked down, whispering a prayer.

Shiacu looked towards the rising An'she and let out a sigh.

"Earthmother watch over us."
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The warrior smiles as he walks across lower rise. He had made this his home now, going on two full years. And in that time, he had learned how not to roam.

Funny. Most people prefer not to roam.

And it had not been so bad. He had feared that the Stormhoof would loose their edge. They would become lazy. But they had not.

The constant war, the attacks on the famed city of Thunder Bluff, the alliance scum. All had proven to keep the Tribe at ready. And now, the new lands. A strange place.

Times have changed. And the fight must continue.
((Good luck with your guild, I'm looking forward to reading more about the Stormhoof Tribe's journey! Great writing! ))
The call had gone out quickly. Tiponi had quickly finished socketing each gem into his newly minted plate gloves, and had rushed up the stairs. The portals the mages had installed were around the corner, but before he could make the turn, he realized he was skidding out of control.


Standing up, the Tauren shook off the hit.

"If you ever get in my way again friend, I will have to deal with you," he said, staring at the wall. As he began to turn towards the portal, he notices his gloves.


Well, no time for that, he thought. Jumping into the portal, he quickly appeared in Thunder Bluff.

Undead. Disgusting. Though he would never say it out loud, the forsaken were hard to stomach after the portal jumps. It was bad enough traveling through the arcane, but to end up in an enclosed room, with rotting corpses. The Shu'halo stomache could only handle so much.

As Tiponi arrived, he noticed some 20 alliance scum attacking the innocents. The warrior grinned.

Time to have some fun.
"Word has reached me of a new band of our brothers," the scout informed Sioushan as the pair of tauren navigated their way through the mountainous terrain of Stonetalon. Sioushan Hopebringer glanced at his companion with a smile. "Yes, this....Stormhoof Tribe. Have they made their way to Thunder Bluff as of yet?" "I believe so, friend, but they are wary of anyone that is not one of the Shu'halo."

Sioushan smiled. "At any rate, it is good to see more of our brothers back home."


Good luck in your next endeavor, old friend. If ever you need anything, feel free to ask.


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The mighty warrior picked his axe up from the ground. Rust colored dried blood covered the blade, taking away from the usual glint it had in the sun. As he stepped towards the beach, he grimaced, the pain shooting up through his leg.

Not good at all, he thought. Cannot show the alliance scum that I am hurt. Digging deep, the Shu'halo stood straight up, and stared at the oncoming scum.

If it is a fight they want, it is a fight they will get. Raising his axe, Tiponi charged at the infantry approaching.

Now, if I only had some help, he thought. But for now, it was time to slice his way through the alliance.

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Looking for more to help get the ball rolling. Looking for those that may wish to work in leadership positions as well.

The Stormhoof Tribe seeks Shu'halo wishing to join. PST an online member if you're interested. Also, check out our website: http://stormhooftribe.enjin.com/
Gramuul sat down with a thump. Shaking his head, he pulled a piece of parchment with but a few names on it. Gramuul cursed as he read through the list. "Not enough, not enough," he muttered. "The tribe will need more if we are to rebuild. We lost too many in the Thousand Needles," Gramuul stared into the distance as he remembered the fateful event two years ago.

----------------------------------------Two Years Prior------------------------------------------------

"Hurry Gramuul, run!" Tiponi shouted as he led the tribe of Shu'halo to the Great Lift. "We must hurry! We have got to find the others!" Tiponi yelled out once more as he guided the frantic Shu'halo to safety.

An earsplitting shriek could be heard over the torrential flooding. "NO!" Gramuul roared and quickly whirled around to see several dozen of the tribe swallowed by the roaring waters. Murmuring a single incantation, Gramuul turned into a magnificent eagle, and along with the rest of the tribe's druids began to snatch up the tribesmen and carry them to safety.

The majestic eagles angled themselves towards Freewind Post and shot into the sky. After several minutes of flying the remnants of the tribe alighted at Freewind Post, atop one of the many 'needles' in the area. Dropping the Shu'halo he carried, Gramuul raced over to his chieftain, Tiponi.

"We must flee, Gramuul. All of the able bodied members of the tribe need to continue on. Those that need to may stay here. We will regroup later on," Tiponi commanded without a waver in his voice. Gramuul nodded and made preparations for the Stormhoof Tribe to depart.


Gramuul sighed. That was the past. He knew now that the tribe must rebuild in strength and numbers if it wanted to continue it's fabled existence. Gramuul shook his weary head and strode with a determined glint in his eye to the boards. Nailing his tribe's post to the wall, Gramuul harrumphed and headed to his chieftain's tent.
Gramuul looked over his shoulder. There! That accursed elf was still behind him, only now he was talking to the mystic, Godan. Gramuul scowled and turned into one of the many side streets riddling the Drag. A dead end. The druid whirled about, only too see the elf standing in front of him.

"What is it you want, elf? Do not waste my time."

"I simply wish to speak with you, fair Tauren."

"What is this about?" Gramuul questioned.

"We cannot speak here. Follow me."

The elf led Gramuul down the Drag, where his drake was waiting. Gramuul nodded and melded into a majestic eagle. The elf led Gramuul to one of the many high spires atop the cliffs of Orgrimmar. Alighting upon the spire, the elf dismounted and waited for Gramuul to land.

"Enough games, elf. Speak," Gramuul commanded, rather disgruntled.

"I have but a proposition for you," the elf said as he bowed.

Several minutes of conversation left Gramuul intersted, to say the least. These words carried weight. The druid would have to speak to Tiponi at once.

"I will consider your words. This is not something to be taken lightly," Gramuul said after minutes of contemplating the elf's words.

"That is all I ask for. Thank you for speaking with me," the elf said with another bow.

Gramuul nodded and leaped off the spire, shifting into an eagle on the way down. The druid gained altitude and angled his wings for Cliffwalker Post.

Stormhoof Tribe still seeks members. Tauren as well as Orcs willing to do the Earthmother's bidding.

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