[H] Relics (12/14H) is closed.

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Unfortunately relics has been forced to shut up shop, we were simply starting to not be able to raid two nights a week due to afks (which was the case for last few weeks), it had been several months since we got a decent application and the slow but constant burn out/ RL issues of players left us with less then 10 raiders, apparently raiding 2 nights a week isn't that popular!

- This is mainly to avoid people applying to a guild that is no longer recruiting

We wish Khaz' the best of luck with Paragons of the klaxxi and Garrosh heroic, it is unfortunate we could not continue the race with you to the end maybe we will return for Warlords of Draenor! many thanks - from all of <Relics>.
Still looking for some more people :)
We certainly are.
Interested frost/blood dk, 480+ ilvl in frost 470+ ilvl in blood, currently only 4/6 MSV and 1/6 HoF but only because of poor attendance from my current guild which i'm pretty well sick of, ill chuck up an app on your website and contact someone in game in the next week hopefully.
^ up to the top
Hello there,
I have just recently come back to the game last week and I have been gearing up to get back into the raid scene. I have done my fair share of raiding over the past couple of years. I can offer you a shaman, my main spec is resto and a offspec of ele but I dont like to dps too much since i had done it for the last 3 xpacs. Also have a warlock but i dont know how interested you would be with that chacater.

Hit me back here or add me on real id
Sunscarr# 1193
^^ ump.
Your times suit me 100% can we chat in game if you are still looking for a good tank with dps os?? Blood 482 frost 478.
TY for the applications guys - keep them coming :)
Unless you post the application on our forums - you won't get any feedback sorry.
Still recruiting :D
^^^^^ that we are.
DK/Shaman/Rogue would be great as mentioned in first post.

Also yay for some more progression kills, heroics coming up soon :D
! need hunter and a dk! app now!
We don't care if your not full raid gear equip (normal+)- we will gear you up before the next tier! if you prove to be worth our time.

- We want a good DPS DK who has the ability to tank/ does not mind gearing two sets.
- We also need a good, experienced hunter to join our ranks.

We have our focus on hardmode progression next tier and want people of these classes to make it possible for us to do so!
Woo time to start getting a good munch on in the Hardmodes. Picked up one or two but certainly looking for a couple more to add some good depth to our guild.
Got all hunter gear this week - no hunter. help us fix this.

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