Running out of action bar space

So I've gotten to the point that I have used up the 1-6 hot keys (7-= are bound to c-Z, c-X etc), and my entire bottom action bars are key-bound. I still need at the least another bar for ctrl+1-6, but the blizzard UI alone can't accomplish this. I've tried bartender, but it always gives me some bugs with showing/saving key-binds through the add on. Anyone got a good add on that can give me some extra functional bars?

tl:dr bar addons that don't suck.

Also, am I the only one that things the totem nerf isn't as big of a deal as everyone makes it out to be?
I dunno what's wrong with bartender. But it is the best one for the job.
Dominoes is one I've heard of. I think that and Bartender are the two big ones.

12/02/2012 06:39 PMPosted by Groundcast
but the blizzard UI alone can't accomplish this.

Do you have both side bars filled with binds as well?
I've avoided that as I have my frames situated around the center of my screen, and it works better for me to have everything close. I'll probably give dominoes a shot first, see how well it works out for me.

Also, am I the only one that things the totem nerf isn't as big of a deal as everyone makes it out to be?

Its a huge hit to resto, much bigger than the hit that enh and ele took for sure but ele and enh where already under preforming. Even the idea of nerfing them it outrageous let alone the fact that it went through without any compensation.

Its also a very big deal at the higher ends, good comps can stop the shaman from breaking aoe fears all together and grounding was your only form of defence when you got silenced/interrupted by a caster.

As a casual battleground pvper, sure the nerfs might not be that huge, but as the players abilities (and that of his opponents) goes up the more and more the nerf hurts.
addon called: Extra bar. very dependable and light weight

all it does is add extra action bar(s)
Have you activated all the bars? Including those on the right side? That gives upto 48 buttons. You may need more but I still have a few empty or redundant buttons.

Don't forget, even with all the action bars enabled, you always have action bar 2 available. But only action bar 1 or 2 is available at any one time. I have taken using action bar 2 as my profession bar lately.
You can also macro some abilities together so you take up a little less bar space.
I've never had an issue keybinding with bartender, have you checked any FAQs on your issue?
I just realized I counted wrong. With all 5 toolbars enabled I have 59 bindable buttons at my disposal. I am lacking one because Ctrl+Shift+0 won't map and I haven't bothered to find out why.

You don't need an addon for this. Enable all the tool bars and set the key bindings in the default UI.
Space is tight for me as resto but with rightActionBar and rightActionBar2 I make it all fit. No mods needed. Space for 60 abilities.

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