LFM RBG team

Hi guys,

I'm looking for more people for an RBG team. I don't have any core players as of yet, so it's difficult to judge where the MMR is at, but usually 1500-1600.

I have experience running a SaP RBG team to 1900+ and I'm looking to do the same again.

We need any class right now, and CR isn't too important since we'll just be starting up.

Wisp me on Plinko if your interested and i'll do my best to slot you into the group.

I'll send you a tell in game. Resto shaman sitting at1450ish RBG rating. Looking for a team that runs every week. I logged off in my pop gear.
Should we just make a team of Shaman?

Arms warrior 60% resil, 44% pvp power LF RBG team. Know what I'm doing.
Holy Pally, 63% resilience. When would you be running this group?
Hit me up.

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