Paladins in 5.1 questions

Hello there,

I haven't played since early cata, so please don't be rude if I'm asking dumb questions.

1.- How are pallys in pvp right now? (Holy and ret)

2.- How are pallys in PvE? (Holy and tank)

3.- My druid is level 86, I enjoy playing both, which one would you say is more viable (again, pvp and pve wise) pally or druid?

You will be destroyed by virtually every class 1 v 1.

With the recent healing nerf you will feel like a marshmallow
Probably best to go holy if you want to be taken into RBGs and raids "easier". ret is still pretty fun though.
1. Holy's still pretty strong in PvP, meanwhile Ret's gone through a bit of a tonedown on their heals. Still very gear-dependent, but we're still pretty versatile if you know what you're doing.

2. Haven't played Holy personally this expansion, but the healers I play with enjoy the new changes a lot, and our versatility as a class on whole is excellent. Tankwise, I'm *LOVING* it - it's now my main spec in raids, though I go Ret from time to time.

3. It's entirely up to your preference. I personally love being gold flashy plated bastard, but that's just me. If you're into fur (or, well, bark), that's cool, too. :)
Unless you are a 150% player you wont go anywhere with ret. Holy is still doing pretty good in PvP though.

PvE: All three are good.
You will be destroyed by virtually every class 1 v 1.

Unfortunately, that's true. In 1 v 1 it have been kinda hard to win playing as a ret. In arena I can't say the same, we are very useful there. Same in pve
i wouldn't say you will be destroyed you can get most 2200 rated fully geared players excluding "good" mages and locks down to about 5% if you play ret correctly however killing them would mean that they messed something up badly somewhere..... unless you are full elite then maybe ya have a shot but getting the 2200 rateing for the gear is most likely not gonna happen

however when you are able to win dules as ret it is super fun because no matter who you beat they are always very butt hurt and will always say something around the lines of "man this lagg is killing me" or some other excuse. another bad thing is if you do beat a 2200 rated player they are more often than not so embarrassed they were beaten by a ret they will never dule you again thats really sad when ya think about it because it shows how our spec is viewed currently. "nonviable for pvp" by 95% of high end pvpers give or take a % or 2

in order to win a dule i would suggest getting really good kiteing melee with long arm and burden of guilt untill they are 3/4 of the way down and have burnt cds

to pwn a caster hope they dont know what the heck they are doing or they have been drinking heavy other wise you will get them to 45% on a very lucky day but no further and only if you are really good at ret

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