Weekend 10 man 3/6H MSV 5/6HOF LF 1 range DPS

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Wipes for Sale

Wipes for Sale is now looking for 1 range dps for a core spot with in our 10 man team.

What we look for in applicants:
- Must know all the things about your class and the play style to give the most output you can do with the class.
- Have very good knowledge of each fight mechanics/awareness.
- Must have 100% raid attendance or atleast close
- Respect our guildies and other Raiders

Progression: 3/6HM MSV and 5/6 HOF

Raiding times:
Sat and Sun 2pm-6pm Oceanic server time (GMT+10:00)

Currently recruiting 1 range DPS(Could use any classes down below):
Shadow Priest
Ele Shaman

About Us:
We are a Semi-Hardcore 10 man Horde guild on the realm Khaz’goroth that was form by a group of friends in the cataclysm expansion (mid way of BWD, TOTFW and BOT raids). Our players are mainly from Australia with some players from Singapore, U.S and New Zealand. After forming a Core group 1 team, we decided to expand and make a group 2 10 man team that became another successful team. We use the term ‘Semi-hardcore’ because we only raid 2 days on both groups but want to get the raid over and done with in the 2 days limit.

Our Accomplishments:
Raiding is not a competition for us; we are pretty much just raid for the Fun of it and trying our best with each raid. But with that said, we are really proud on how we did throughout Cataclysm expansion. The first tier of cataclysm raid (BWD/BOT/TOTFW), we were 6/13 heroic mode. In the second patch of tiers (Firelands) we became 6/7 heroic mode. Lastly the third patch of tiers (Dragon soul) we become 8/8 heroic mode. Even though counting nerfs and such, this is to show that we started improving as each tier goes by and that we are hoping to keep on improving.

Visit our website at: www.wipesforsale.com for applications.
(Alternative link) www.wipes-for-sale.guildzilla.com
LF 1 good range dps to join our team
howdy peeps! need a range dps to join our ranks and pwn some bosses!
This is for a core spot, Slot available this weekend to the right applicant
Need a decent competent dps:)
gogogog up
don't forget to check out our website!

Currently recruiting 1 range DPS(Could use any classes down below):
Shadow Priest
Ele Shaman
gogo rangers
need some good range deepz thats stable, you will be in our core team if accepted as a raider!
Weekend guild LF weekend players!
keep it coming!
need a good dedicated range dps.. any is good as long as ur awsome!! but a sham sounds good =)
hi rose long time no see!
looking for 1 range dps
Need a good ranger!

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