Brawlers Guild Rank 7 Battletron Ele Sham

Just beat Battletron as an ele shaman. so posting this guide in hopes someone out there will find it helpful.
Prep work -
I had Flametongue on my weapon (Of course), Flask of the Warm Sun, Lightning Shield, Well Fed (275 int), Stats buff (Any +5% to stats will work), and Brilliance. Also bring along the int potions.
Talents - Astral Shift, Elemental Mastery, Ancestral Guidance, Primal Elementalist.
Glyphs - Glyph of Spiritwalker's Grace, Unleashed Lightning, Grounding Totem (Yes, this will zap him back with his attack!)
Starting the fight -
I popped out a Searing Totem, Earthquake, and Grounding Totem. Flame Shock, Lava Burst, Potion, then my Fire Elemental. After Fire Elemental pops out, Stormlash, lust, Ascendance and go nuts!
Once his cast for the orbs is over, use your Ancestral Guidance and DO NOT MOVE. Keep firing Lava Bursts, it will heal you through it!
After your burst phase is over, try and break some orbs, and start running around healing as needed. Making good use of your grounding totem and healing stream totem, and running away to heal.
When your fire elemental despawns, throw out another searing totem. then use your elemental mastery and summon your earth elemental, then go nuts casting lightning bolt and lava burst!
Heal as needed and be cautious of your health.
My item level right now is at 486. Thought it was going to be an impossible fight without better gear, but I proved that wrong, and so can you!
I finished the fight with 84804.7 dps.

Thanks for reading! Hope it helps!
Is it just me or have you name changed heaps/made MANY alts
Could you give us a 'Dungeon journal'-like preview of the mobs we'd be fighting?

along with things like avg melee hit (shield/no shield)
Thank you Threethree my good man. After banging my head against the wall for hours on this guy, I was able to kill it using your strat. Even though i screwed up at the end and killed it with less than 10k hp, I went from hitting the enrage at around 77k dps my best attempts, to 91k on the kill. :D
Oh wow super late reply. Over a year actually. Uhm, yea. Welcome Danicalo. and Potato I've never named changed but I do have a lot of alts with variations of "Threethree" in their name.
Apparently my lightning shield was popping an orb every time he'd shoot his laser, which would one-shot me without fail. As soon as I removed the buff, I killed him the next try. Hope that helps anyone as frustrated as I was!

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