Shamans Have no Survivability Now

Whether it be in arenas, bgs or dueling, shamans have little to no survivability with the coming of this expansion. Although they gave us the glyph us Healing Storm, this still does not suffice in comparison to other classes high survivability. Especially after patch 5.1 with the not being able to drop our totems whilst silenced, we have lost insane amounts of survivability against shadow priest, DKs, and mages; who can blanket us in fears, stuns, and silences killing us with the ridiculous amount of burst each and every class has now.
Which brings me to my next topic, shamans do !@#$ burst compared to golden apple that is still hunters, warriors, mages, and warlocks. They who I had just named, have ridiculous amounts of room to mess up while also being able to maintain a significant amount of burst damage. Whereas we shamans[as explained prior] have little room to mess up against with most classes with how hard we get hit for and how little our heals and damage negating effects actually do.
Examples of this pertain to arenas especially, all teams my friend and I go against usually have the leisure of literally shouting "Geronimo!" as they charge in without a worry knowing they have defensive CDs that allow them to mess up and not have to play very well. While we may have come up with new strategies that work against these types of teams, we're always going up against a team at one point or another that with literally in 2 seconds time has gotten my shaman down half or more than half.
The team who's in charge of the classes of World of Warcraft, please at the very least buff shaman damage that ISN'T Ascendance by 10% and allow our totems to be used whilst silenced. Best regards, Wolf.
The issue with outright damage increase for shamans is that it will affect PvE, and they don't really need the damage increase there.
Shamans, who is known for the elements and totems..oh wait we have no totems or abilities as they all fall under nature.... oh and totems i cant seem to use one when silenced.... /clap clap good one blizz way to go to ruin a class which USED to be fun. bring back 2H wind fury pwness and stop making us Dual wield 1H ! shamans need totems thats what ever one knows them for! i have played since the game first came out and im ashamed to say im going to quit with these changes! makes me a sad PANDA!
just playing some bgs on shammers and wait what do you know snare silence dead -_-

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