Herbs Nerf

the Herb Nerf is really hurting the low realms it like bizz want to mass this game up more than what it is now
Too many resources was negatively impacting gatherers (as it seems the bots are all afk). I am assuming Blizzard is trying to balance the spawn rate more on par with past expansions, and is willing to slowly notch the spawn rate back up depending on what their logs are telling them.
spawn rate for herbs was ridiculous, 50% cut didn't really effect me much. I also have my tiller rep maxed, am an alchemist, with not much else to do with my 16 motes I grow every day but buy golden lotus with them.
12/03/2012 10:56 AMPosted by Ntah
spawn rate for herbs was ridiculous, 50% cut didn't really effect me much. I also have my tiller rep maxed, am an alchemist, with not much else to do with my 16 motes I grow every day but buy golden lotus with them.

You're better off planting Enigma Seeds then, they pop Golden Lotus a lot.
Yeah it sucks. I ended up with about 4 stacks of fool's cap in half an hour (didn't see a single other person out there) compared with my pre nerf haul of 30-40 stacks in an hour even with other people around. Guess I'm going to quit making cards.
What surprises me is the ink to make a card is roughly 1k gold, and people keep selling cards for less then that. I started just buying them myself, probably from people who think farming herbs makes them free, to resell later or convert to decks.
The herb nerf is hurting raiders more than anyone else.

In a given night you will use 2 potions per pull and 3-4 flasks. It used to be about 20 minutes for me farm my own consumables...maybe a couple hours for the entire 25 man raid's consumables with decent procs.

Now it is closer to an hour to get my own and maybe have a few to share.

With as many other grindy things there are to do, having my farming time increased by that much is not a happy thing for me.
Yeah the 50% reduced herb spawn is ridiculous in my opinion. I usually farm all the mats for my guilds bank and what not in one night, now im having to spend days upon days to get it all. Fool's cap is by far the worst one to farm now. I used to be able to get 5-6 stacks in a half hour or less, now im lucky to get a stack in that amount of time. It needs to be boosted back up.
this will do na but make other 2.000.000 ppl leave the game and bizz will lose hell of money thay to dumb to see it
I just spent over 30 minutes waiting for Silkweed to respawn along the river in the Valley of the Four Winds and I'm the only one farming the herb in this area. I was able to get 2 stacks of Silkweed during this time which is enough for 10 flasks. Prior to the nerf I was able to spend 30 minutes to an hour getting all the herbs I needed to make flasks/potions for our raid team. This is far more than a 50% nerf to the respawn rate.

My 30 minutes of farming resulted in 41 Silkweeds which is enough for 10 flasks. To supply our raid team this week for 6 hours of raiding I need 30 flasks just for our raiders that use intel flasks. This means I will either spend 3 hours of farming (if I don't have competition) to create enough intel flasks or spend around 600+ gold for just the Silkweed. This doesn't include other flasks or all the potions that will be needed as well. So, I went from spending maybe an hour or so a week farming for my raid team to about 5 to 7 hours of farming.

This is Cata horror returning with vengenance . . . I nearly dropped my farming professions because it was impossible to get anything due to low respawn rates, glitchy nodes and gold farmers. I was so happy when MoP made the nodes and respawn rates plentiful. I didn't have to spend many hours trying to get enough mats for the raid team and the excess I could sell on the AH for a decent price for the little effort I expended to farm them.

Nerf the herbs/ores . . . fine. Help the AH sellers . . . fine. But this nerf must be buggy. I can't fathom how a 50% nerf could result in such a drastic decrease of node availability. I spent additional time leveling two farming alts so that I could farm because it was worthwhile. Now farming is a chore. I actually enjoy farming . . . as long it felt that I was actually getting herbs/ores at reasonable rate and not continously flying around in circles for hours at a time getting a couple of stacks of herbs. It's like reliving the Cata nightmare again.

All this will do now is drive many people to play the AH and drive up the herb/flask prices so high that a few but the richest will really be able to afford them. So, the big raiding guilds, the savvy AHers and people with tons of time to play WoW will truly benefit from this nerf. Not the little guilds/raid teams, not the person who can't spend a lot of time playing and those who just don't like or not savvy enough to play the AH game.

And I am a AH player and I'm not sure what the concern was for gathers making gold on the AH. I would spend 30 minutes getting mats for the raid team and then another couple of hours to farm to make gold on the AH. I made so much gold on the AH for sooooo little effort by either selling the herbs, flasks, glyphs or darkmoon cards (depending on the market). Easy gold for so little effort - only thing easier is buying and reselling.

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