The SW Herald Ed. 5: Hummingbird Coffee

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Hummingbird Coffee

((Cover art:
(Captioned beneath picture: Artists rendition by Sir Armont Vintrove.))

Hello Stormwind, Veranya Wainwright reporting once again. This time, I heard tell of a lovely little cart in the Cathedral district selling unique and delightful brews of coffee. This thoroughly intrigued me because not only am I a long-time coffee lover, but very few business ventures happen in the district that seems to belong to the priests and paladins of the Light. So, unable to keep my nose out of anyones business as usual, I did some researching, acquired the name of an employee, and was able to get in touch and schedule an interview with the owner. Notepad in hand, I made my way to the Cathedral District at the agreed time.

As I entered the district, the distinct smell of brewing coffee was filling the air, the quick and precise clatter of dishes and the scuffle of feet heard, and the sounds of coin exchanging hands clinking softly. I took a moment to stand there and just revel in the smell, though. Gods coffee smells good. I made my way over to the cart, where a line was formed. I stepped into line, and not two seconds later a man stepped into the line behind me. I was now more eager than ever to get my cup. As I stepped up to order, a kindly Gnomish woman smiled at me, and asked what I'd like. I ordered the days special, an Eggnog latte. I mentioned to the Gnome taking my order that I was here for the interview, and she, in a very polite and business appropriate manner, nodded and said, “Oh, so you're the reporter? Be right with you.”

She nodded at one of her employees behind the counter, asking one of them to take orders for her, and smiled back at me, “Get your drink and we'll get started, shall we?” I nodded, and moved over to the counter to wait. Standing there, eager to get my beverage, I watched the employees move about busily. One of them eyed me carefully, and pushed a drink across the counter, which had been ready for a few minutes. I was embarrassed at having overlooked but another employee simply smiled at me and said, “Gotta watch Phee, ma'am, she's quick.” This was certainly true. Guided by the kind owner over to a quieter part of the district, I sat down with her and was able to begin the interview.

“It is quite the honor to sit down and speak with you, Miss...”

“Please, call me Brill”

“It's my pleasure to meet you, Ms. Brill. Could you tell me about a bit about yourself, and how you came to own this business?” (con'td)

Brill smiled, waving a hand as she batted her eyes, “Me? Whats their to tell?” She offered a charming smile, and I knew we would get along swimmingly. She continued, “Well, I did my tour with the military, of course. Quite some time, in fact. Including the second two wars. And then... when the Calamity happened..” she paused, thinking, “Well, let's just say the Gnomeregan Chamber of Commerce wasn't in great shape.”

I nodded, taking a sip of my latte, and my oh my was it delicious! Absolutely amazing. My only regret was not buying more than one. Jotting down notes, I listened intently as she continued.

“This particular process of coffee making had been virtually unknown outside the city, and I resolved that the art wouldn't die with it. And thus: Hummingbird Gnomish Expressed Coffee – The Nectar of Gnomeregan.” She smiled at me, the soft lines at the corners of her eyes wrinkling a bit.

“Inspiring! And when are you usually open, and how long are you open for?”

“Oh! Well, we have a shop in the dwarven district that's open during regular business hours, and longer on the weekends. And every Tuesday, we wheel our cart on out here to the square, to bring our product right to the people!” She nodded towards the cart, continuing, “In the past, we've run from 6:30 to 7:30, but these days demand is a little lighter – we've begun opening at 7.”

I made a mental note to visit this shop more frequently before pressing on. “And where did you find such efficient employees?”

Brill smiled at me again, and I began wondering if this woman was made of smiles. She responded, “Well Phee,” she nodded at the worker busily brewing cups behind the counter, “has been with me since the beginning. She's my right hand, since back when we were scouting locations. I knew her parents, you see.” She then nodded at the other two Gnomish workers. “Linzie and Pucklin responded to an advertisement I posted in a Gnomish trade paper. They're artisans now, probably the best in the world.”

As I took another sip of my drink, I could not help but agree with Brill.

“Tell me, are you hiring and if so, how could a citizen get involved.”

Brill shook her head. “At the moment? Not particularly. We seem to do well enough with our current level of gnomepower. HOWEVER,” she added quickly, raising a hand, “We're always open to catering special events. For a time we offered coffee with the Council of Cognition's Wordy Bird event.”

As I began to ask my final question, an employee walked up, bright pink hair emboldened by the evening sun. He theatrically offered Brill a cup of coffee with both hands, smiling. Brill looked at her employee and smiled warmly, taking the cup, saying, “You'll steal my heart, Mister Turbotamper.” Her employee, grinning and giving a 100-watt wink, started off back towards the cart, replying, “Doin' my best to, boss!”

The entire exchange was brief, but it was charming and allowed me insight to the warm atmosphere and the care these workers had for each other. Brill turned back to me, “Sorry, your question?” (cont'd)

“How much effort would you say goes into this business?”

She paused, looking off thoughtfully. “Oh goodness. It's exceptionally difficult. Takes up most of my waking hours. But that doesn't mean people ought to shy away from it outright. The effort has been rewarding in its own right, and the financial return even better. The trick is to find your niche. Something that people don't know they want until you sell it to them.”

Impressed with her business know-how, I nodded, jotting down my final notes. “Thank you so much for your time, Brill.”

She simply nodded, smiling, and taking another sip of her drink, she looked behind me back at her workers, busily closing up shop. “Wonderful, now if that is all, I'd best be getting back. Need to lock up the shop.”

I bowed, and let her get back to her work. Overall, I was highly impressed. The sense I got from the workers was more of a family than just people in it for the money. They care about each other and the business greatly. Brill is a kind businesswoman. It is good to see a business in this city, where we all full well know that trade is steeped in corruption and warfare, that offers a friendly, non-shady place to get coffee with friends. I also enjoyed seeing a woman spear-heading a business, when it can often feel like a man's game, so to speak. I will certainly be calling upon her for catering in the future. This has been Veranya Wainwright reporting, and remember, if ya didn't hear it from me, it ain't news!

((For the benefit of Hummingbird Coffee, I'd like to put a few notes in here. First, they run their cart on Tuesdays in the Cathedral District from 7pm-7:30pm server time, so be sure to stop by. Secondly, there is no actual coffee shop in Dwarven District, but they encourage people to roll with their gnomish coffee shop RP, as run by Hummingbird Coffee staff. If you would like to get involved or get to know more, please send in-game mail to Brilliantine and she will get back to you, time permitting. If you would like them to cater your event, please do your best to give them 1-2 weeks notice, and please be communicative and explicit in what you desire. Thank you for reading!))
((OHHHHH, this is a lovely article, and the art was a very welcome surprise. Pucklin looks as dashing as I could ever have hoped.))
((Thank you so much for the great piece, Veranya! And Armant, that art is fantastic.))
((I'm glad you both enjoyed it =) I'll be sure to tell Armont you like his work too!))
This is SO COOL
12/03/2012 09:36 PMPosted by Rosemarri
This is SO COOL

*claps happily* Another lovely edition of the SW Herald! =D Excellent!
Thanks! And thank you for letting me get that interview- I'll be writing up the article soon enough
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