<Bad City>3/6H,6/6N,4/4N Recruiting Tank

<Bad City> lvl 25, 10 man core group is now recruiting.
We are looking for a non-DK tank to push progression in HMS.

Raid days are:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday. 7-11ST

Being on time, and prepared is a MUST. Know your class, be gemmed, enchanted, and always willing to learn. Once we push more HMS, Monday will probably be cut from the raid schedule. But for now, all days are a must. Pst in game, or send mail with ilvl, exp, etc.

Koora, Syletarr, Tyranasaurus

*or message any member online for officer alt names*
We're actually looking for a Warlock/SPriest 4/6H MSV now.

Feel free to msg Syletarr in game. No bads pref 480+.

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