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UI and Macro
On my lvl 90 rogue I made this macro.....

/use trinket
/cast shadow dance

of course I didn't put the word "trinket" there I put the malevolent trinket that gives me 5.1k agility when used (didn't want to type it out). Anyway, I see myself in a duel every now and then or maybe a pvp situation in a bg (not doing arenas just yet cuz my gear is dreadful.... haha see what i did ther?). But most of the time it would just pop the shadow dance and not the trinket. I have problems with this alot. I know im typing it in correctly cuz when im just standing around i use that macro and both will pop but when i actually need it in a pvp situation it won't pop the trinket just the shadow dance.

Anyone know how to fix this or is it just me?
/use 13
/cast Shadow Dance

13 is the top trinket slot. 14 is the bottom trinket slot. You don't need to type of the name of the trinket for the macro.

Also, the trinket has a 2 min cooldown and Shadow Dance has 1 min. That can easily explain why hitting the button will activate Shadow Dance, but not the trinket.

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