It was me who glitched Scritch

In Kun-Lai Summit at around 3am server I was fighting Scritch and my nitro boost backfired and i flew up in the air. and it evade bugged Scitch.

Aparently... he is still there just standing in front of his cave. you cant hit him or do anything.

my B... rofl
I hope you filed a ticket so devs can fix the bug
Prepare your dooker.
I wondered how long he had been there...
and again... for the second time somehow...

I was kiting him with SHuriken toss and he glitched... wtf
12/03/2012 04:00 PMPosted by Velorian
Prepare your dooker.
hahahahah I laughed to hard at this
It was I who glitched Scritch*

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