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Hello fellow Adventurers of azeroth!

this is not meant to spam but I recently have decided to make a youtube channel due to the inspiration of swifty, bajheera, ect. if you enjoy almost daily WoW, diablo and these sort of games, please go check out my channel and subscribe even :) At the moment, i only have a lowbie 13 subs but hopefully with some support, i can grow to what i hope for :)

thanks everyone, much love :)

youtube channel:
good stuff, liking it so far
NICE! at first, thought it would be !@#$ but it wasn't lol
ur channel is actually pretty good! keep up the good work man

kozaar and pedo are not actually me, its a friend, but milk is, don't see a problem in liking my own stuff man, problem?

Awesome job man. I fully support you in your efforts! I am myself doing the same but a little more IRL based; though I lack the awesome technology you have! :O Keep it up bro, in due time you will be huge just by your editing skills alone!
i wish i could go back in time and just reread this thread for the first time over and over

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