The Quest that got away...

I'm writing this post to highlight the most aggravating problem I have with dailies that can be consolidated down to a legitimate complaint. Not that I can't list off a number of problems, but most of my problems are just hating the grind. This on the other hand...

This looks like a fun and interesting quest that would alleviated or avoided any frustration I felt at doing dailies that day had it come up. There are a few like that I've found and Blizzard deserves some praise for making quality quests when they come up. So what is the problem? I never knew that quest existed until today. As a matter of fact, I've still never seen it in the game. Quite understandable for someone whose a fresh 90 or ignores the daily quests. Except, I'm Exalted with Golden Lotus on this character and revered on another... At a minimum that's some 15-20 days of dailies where it was a possibility to show up.

Hopefully someone can tweet this to GC so he can see it more directly. This is one of the few cases where I find a legitimate use for Twitter. Not that I expect anything out of it, but I'm at the point where I'm more than happy to let Blizzard know that there are people who can appreciate their good quest ideas even as they (Blizzard) shove a dull serrated knife in the persons back by locking them out of those interesting quests, despite putting in all the work Blizzard forces on us to see them.
I have only gotten this quest two times do far. One of the interesting side effects of the random number generator. I imagine Blizzard likes the fact that some things remain elusive. For those that want to experience everything they are forced to come back. Blizzard just runs the risk of alienating people if it never happens, or other things along the way do not keep them willing to come back.

Remember that this quest is only available if the last set of dailies is at the garrison, which is like one in four at best I would imagine, so I can see doing 20 days of dailies and not seeing it. :-)

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